SNBRN teams up with Holly Winter for “Sometimes”

SNBRN started off 2016 strong with the rare chance to tap into never-before heard Nate Dogg vocal samples on “Gangsta Walk,” a summery explosion of west coast vibes. Fortunately for us, it appears the SoCal producer is continuing his hot streak with a powerful new electro-pop single entitled “Sometimes.”

Featuring Holly Winter behind the mic, she proclaims simple yet impactful lines such as “sometimes I’m better off alone” while the instrumentals build up to a wonderfully layered drop that will encourage plenty of listeners to let loose and dance the night away as the summer months progress.

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UTG PREMIERE: Night School – “Casanova”

night school premiere

Oakland, California trio Night School are preparing to release a brand new full-length record, titled Blush, on June 17 through Graveface Records. Today, the band has partnered with UTG to stream “Casanova,” a gritty and jangly garage-pop jammer with touches of shoegaze for good measure. You can listen to the track below.

Speaking to UTG about the song’s theme, guitarist/vocalist Alexandra Morte says, “‘Casanova’ is a song about heartbreak and self destruction. It’s a fictional storyline, told from the perspective of someone who has let themselves get lost inside false promises from someone they wanted to trust.” Read more »

UTG PREMIERE: Table Talk – “Cave”

table talk premiere

Long Island, New York four-piece Table Talk have teamed with UTG to premiere a brand new track, titled “Cave.” Taken from the band’s upcoming self-titled effort, due out on June 3, “Cave” is an indie/emo-tinged rocker that will undoubtedly necessitate repeat listens for fans of Somos, Piebald, and Transit.

Speaking to UTG about the significance of the new track, guitarist/vocalist Sal Salamone offers the following: Read more »

REVIEW: Real Friends play to their strengths on ‘The Home Inside My Head’

real friends review

Artist: Real Friends
Album: The Home Inside My Head
Label: Fearless Records
Genre: Starting Line-influenced pop-punk, the last pop-punk band that’s not ashamed of their genre

Due to either the Pop Punk Defense Force dying with Man Overboard this Spring, blatant over-saturation of the market in 2013, or all of the good bands rebranding as “emo” to stay hip, the resurgent brand of pop-punk that stormed your local basement scene in 2011 seems to be on its way out of favor. Formative bands like Transit and Major League have called it quits in the past few months, while the subsequent wave of pop-punkers like Sorority Noise and PUP have taken the genre in new and exciting directions, far from the Through Being Cool worship of years past. Suddenly, it’s far harder to make the case that pop-punk’s not dead than it was just a few short years ago. Read more »

No Problem Music Video

Watch Chance the Rapper’s insanely fun, star-studded video for “No Problem”

No Problem” is one of our absolute favorite tracks off of Chance The Rapper‘s excellent new mixtape, Coloring Book. Tonight Chance tweeted out the video for the 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne collab, and it’s just as great as the song.

The video finds the rappers showing off some dance moves in a wide variety of settings. In addition, DJ Khaled and Young Thug make appearances to get in on the fun. The whole video is an absolute blast—another expression of Chance’s joy from Coloring Book.

Chance also took to Twitter to announce that tickets for a tour in support of Coloring Book will be on sale soon, and the mixtape will appear on streaming services outside of Apple Music starting tonight. Read more »


NIGHTLY debut “XO”

It might be their debut single, but Nashville outfit NIGHTLY sound like seasoned professionals on “XO.” The track finds the alt-rockers tapping into a wealth of carefree vibes just in time for summer with a sing-a-long hook, but it also manages to touch on more serious lyrical themes in the process; “‘XO’ is about being in a relationship that isn’t healthy. It’s one of those things that feels good in the moment, or when you’re together, but you know that ultimately you need to get out of.”

Check out “XO” after the jump and be sure to follow UTG on Twitter for more music news.

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Night Verses EVR

Night Verses announce ‘Into The Vanishing Light,’ stream “A Dialogue In Cataplexy”

It’s almost been a solid three years since Night Verses‘ mammoth debut Lift Your Existence was released, and now we finally have word of their highly-anticipated follow-up, titled Into The Vanishing Light. The new record—produced by the legendary Ross Robinson (At The Drive-In, The Cure)—will be released on July 8 via Graphic Nature Records, an imprint on Equal Vision founded by producer Will Putney (Northlane, Stray From The Path, etc.).

The joy doesn’t stop there, though! Along with the announcement, the band has released the first single on the album, the atmospheric, heavy-hitting “A Dialogue In Cataplexy,” as well as a U.S./Canadian Summer tour announcement with Letlive, Seahaven, and Silver Snakes.

From the early days as Archives—where a fresh-out-of Tides of Man Tilian Pearson recorded a killer demo with them—to an EP and then a connecting full-length, Night Verses have continued to evolve and take the scene by storm. Read more »

REVIEW: Say yes to Bent Knee’s ‘Say So’

bent knee review

Artist: Bent Knee
Album: Say So
Label: Cuneiform Records
Genre: Orchestral Avant-Pop

What’s in a name? That’s one of the age old questions, isn’t it? In music, a name can reflect many things; the overall aesthetic of an artist/group, a reference to a concept, or even just a hint towards a style or genre. I mean, when you hear the name Enya, your first thought isn’t Swedish death metal. There are those, of course, who ironically name their projects just to throw us off the scent. Looking at you, Marianas Trench. Read more »


Joe Mason remixes The Chainsmokers’ “Inside Out”

The Chainsmokers are as reliable as anyone when it comes to delivering electro-laced pop hits, but Sydney producer Joe Mason‘s take on their Charlee collaboration, “Inside Out,” manages to take the track to new heights. With a forward-thinking atmosphere that merges euphoric synthesizers and overarching pop sensibilities, Charlee’s stunning vocals are given new life atop a song that demands play on summer roadtrips and summer festival stages alike.

Without further ado, though, give Mason’s “Inside Out” remix and snag a free download after the jump.  Read more »


Element drops “Under The Flesh”

Element has found success with a handful of outright uplifting tracks this year, but the New York producer’s newest release is an audible journey that works toward its eventual triumph.

Entitled “Under The Flesh,” the trap production that looks to reflect “the ongoing battle with ourselves everyday” slowly adds layers of keys and percussion before climaxing into a horn-blaring, TNGHT-esque drop.

Give “Under The Flesh” a listen after the jump and be sure to grab a free download of the track as well.

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UTG PREMIERE: Moments Till Fall – ‘Truth Favors The Brave’

moments till fall

Texas metal band Moments Till Fall have teamed with Under The Gun to premiere their heavy new album, Truth Favors The Brave, which is set to release this Friday, May 27 through Tragic Hero Records.

Speaking to UTG about the band’s newest effort, vocalist Aric Brooks says, “Truth Favors The Brave is a record we feel captures many different styles and it’s as true to ourselves as the stories we sing about. The record is melodic, thrashy, heavy sing-along music that we have literally shed blood, sweat, and tears for. We have only begun to show our colors.” Read more »

REVIEW: The Hotelier find peace from agony with ‘Goodness’

goodness feature pic

Artist: The Hotelier
Album: Goodness
Label: Tiny Engines
Genre: Taoist Indie Rock, Emo, Pop-Punk

Like many fans of The Hotelier, I remember exactly where I was the first time I heard their breakout sophomore record, Home, Like Noplace Is There. Alone in my freshman year dorm room on a Sunday night in February, I listened to Home in full for the very first time, and as I sat alone at my desk with nothing but my shaky hands gripping a coffee mug to keep me company, I found it hard to pay attention to anything other than the music pouring through my headphones. Read more »