Unsigned Spotlight -Parade The Day – To Keep Us Moving

Band: Parade The Day
Album: To Keep Us Moving [Re-Release]
Genre: Piano Rock/Pop

1. American Dream
2. Now I’m Awake
3. Break This Town
4. Growing Old
5. Say You’re Wrong
6. City Lights
7. American Dream [acoustic]
8. City Lights [Acoustic]

Sometimes I hear a band and want to slap every A&R person for not signing them yet. A perfect example of this would be Parade The Day from Virginia. I first heard their song, “American Dream,” about a year ago and was instantly pulled into their sound. Their ep, To Keep Us Moving has recently been re-released and includes two bonus acoustic versions of songs on the ep [both of which are fantastic] and if this new reissue, coupled with the band’s die hard fans, determination, and near perfectly crafted songwriting doesn’t get them signed then we here at UTG may just lose all hope for the music industry.

The Lead track is the undeniably catchy, “American Dream.” This song has a sound sure to attract fans of Jack’s Mannequin, Something Corporate, or The Rocket Summer as PTD’s sound is in the same vein as these piano lead pop punk acts. The vocals are all clean and penetrating, while the melody being played on the keys just pulls you into the massive sound these guys present. There are signed bands with multiple albums out that cannot write and perform songs as well as Parade The Day can [and that’s only the first track on the disc]. Having such a powerful lead off can really be crippled by the follow up track, but, “Now I’m Awake,” a song not too unlike the sound of the first Straylight Run album, does exactly the opposite. It’s a bit more laid back than the previous track, but it has a grove that you won’t be able to refuse. Once again, the piano has the lead, but the drum track comes through quite strong to setting the mood.

“Break This Town,” the third track, is a bit of the stereotypical in terms of basis for a song, but it’s the rockiest and 2nd strongest tack on the disc. It’s use of conversation between a boy and a girl makes it near perfect for a mix tape lead track, while it’s heavy use of “whoa-oh’s,” and a plot about a boy and girl running off together just sets Parade The Day to blow up this summer. The album then takes a turn for the slow side with the beautiful, “Growing Old.” This is a slow one sure to captivate the ladies and make the guys wish they played some instrument so they could have a similar affect on females. Topic wise, it’s nothing too deep [nor is most the album], but in this genre, depth comes behind writing and catchiness and this song has both of those elements to a “t.” It’s a great track and shows the more diverse capabilities of the group as a whole. It does however, explode with sound near the end of the track which is perfect because it’s a solid segway into the melody perfect, “Say You’re Wrong.” It’s a tale of distance and love, which though it’s a tale as old as music, it seems fresh once again. After all of this, we finally come to the sixth and final [initial] track on the disc entitled, “City Lights.” It’s a great closer because the vocal are soaring and the music has a more mature sound than on previous tracks which leaves you wishing you could hear what the next step of the band will be. It has a very Mayday Parade like sound, but with better instrumentation. It just leaves you reaching frantically to hit repeat and you shouldn’t ever look for anything more in music than that.

As I mentioned before, this is a reissue which includes two acoustic versions at the end of the disc [for, “American Dream,” and, “City Lights”]. These are both very well done, but it seems odd to review two songs we just talked about. Overall, this band needs to be signed. End of story. We here at Under The Gun review know this band has the potential to revitalize the scene which has fallen victim to sloppy song writing and song structure as of late and with Jack’s Mannequin’s next disc delayed, there is no time like now for this piano based pop rock act to take off. So now that you’ve read through here you should probably begin clicking they’re picture on the sidebar [or the link below] and go buy their album. NOW. Parade the Day is the future of music and you definitely don’t want to be left behind.

**Written By James Shotwell**
GRADE: 9/10

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