Gorgoroth – Black Mass [DVD]

Band: Gorgoroth

Title: Black Mass

Genre: Live Show

Release: 07/08

Distributor: MVD

When most people hear “Black Metal” they think of Mayhem (mostly due to the suicide incident), but another huge name in the black metal family is Gorgoroth. I got the “privilage” of reviewing their new DVD, Black Mass.

This was recorded in (of course) Krakow in 2004. Let me go ahead and paint you a picture of the stage with my word brush. Imagine a stage. Ok, got it? Now add 150 or so lamb’s heads. Still with me? Next, put 4 naked people being mock crucified on it too. Now throw in Gorgoroth, in full black metal makeup and spiked (we’re talking like 9 inch spikes) jewelry and gauntlets. Now, throw in some pyrotechnics. Sounds pretty awesome right? Well, it was. I was totally stoked for this until it started.

The camera work is plain and boring. Sure there’s a lot of shots, but there’s nothing great about them. No cranes, nothing terribly creative at all. oh well, at least the live show was exciting enough to make up for that.

Unfortunately, the live show wasn’t enough to make up for the sound. Now I don’t like black metal to begin with, but I’m not going to criticize that. Gorgoroth is a great black metal band. But the sound quality on the DVD is really lacking. The levels go up and down constantly throughout the DVD, which is really really distracting.

In the end, what could have been a great DVD of a ridiculous band was just a low quality disappointment. Then again, most black metal fans love crappy quality demo’s and recording so it’s probably the most amazing DVD ever to the fans, huh?

**Written by: Justin Proper**
Grade: 4/10

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