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We Interviewed Alex from Cobra Starship!

At Warped Tour Detroit [July 18th, 2008], James and Meaghan got a chance to interview quite a few bands and the results of one of these interviews can be found below. This time around, we’re talking with Alex Suarez from Cobra Starship. Be sure to buy the band’s album, Viva La Cobra, out right now! […]

There For Tomorrow – Self Titled EP

Band: There For Tomorrow Album: There for Tomorrow Genre: Pop Rock Label: Hopeless Tracks: 1. Deadlines 2. Pages 3. Waiting 4. Remember When 5. No More Room To Breathe 6. Addiction and Her Name Last year, Hopeless Records got a breath of fresh air and some hefty coin with the release of the now mega […]

Thieves and Villains – Movement

Band: Thieves and Villains Album: Movement Genre: Pop Rock Label: Victory Tracks: 1. Dry Throats Unite 2. Movement 3. Let Go 4. I Have Spread Some Love 5. Everyone Believes 6. All I Needed 7. Shimmer 8. Who Am I To Say Night 9. Atlantic Lungs 10 Worlds Apart 11. Settle New York Settle We […]