We Interviewed Alex from Cobra Starship!

At Warped Tour Detroit [July 18th, 2008], James and Meaghan got a chance to interview quite a few bands and the results of one of these interviews can be found below. This time around, we’re talking with Alex Suarez from Cobra Starship. Be sure to buy the band’s album, Viva La Cobra, out right now!

J: We are here in Detroit at Warped Tour 08 and we’re chatting with, well, let’s let him introduce himself the way he feels he should be introduced…

A: My name is Alexandro Francisco Suarez…[very quickly spoken spanish], the lead bass player for Cobra starship.

J: You guys have been on the road for awhile now promoting the new album,w hat do you have going on this fall?

A: It recently got out that we are doing a headlinging tour. We are taking our Forever The Sickest Kids, Hit The Lights and Sing it Loud.

J: Is this going to be just in the US or are you hitting other countries?

A: Canada. I also believe that before that we’re hitting the UK with Forever The Sickest Kids. That kicks off in September and the US tour starts in October.

J: Cobra Starship is a band that generally sticks out due to your style of music and the way you present yourselves, but at Warped tour, a place with so many things going on at once do you find it hard to set yourselves apart? What do you do to stick out from the mayhem?

A: We try to do extra special things during our set. We throw confetti, shoot people with water guns, etc. We never really try to set ourselves apart physically though,we’re just trying to have a good time and actually, we really jsut want to fit in.

J: Absolutepunk recently had a video posted with you doing the Spanish version of, “Guilty Pleasure,” acoustically here on Warped. Is that something you are doing consistently or was that a one off thing? Also, what initially made you want to record the Spanish version?

A: We are using the Spanish version a lot. I think we are going to be doing something for MTV Tres like performing the Spanish live or something. We recorded as a way to return to our roots. I’m from Spain and Gabe’s from Uruguay and he’s fluent in Spanish, but I’m…not there yet, though I’m not trying to hard. I do know all the words to the song in Spanish though. He wanted to touch on his roots and who know, maybe someday we’ll get to go to South America and perform it there.

J: Do you think it’ll be awhile before we hear new material from Cobra Starship?

A: No, it will be soon, quite soon in fact. Our last album came out ten days after the one year anniversary of our prior record and we’d like to keep that going. Release a record every year.

M: What’s your favorite song to play live?

A: “Smile For The Paparazzi.” It has this cool latin vibe at the beginning and I get to play maracas and we get to sing back up vocals and have a lot of fun that most bands don’t get to do. Then it comes in with this really hard part before going back to maracas and then there’s a sweet riff and it’s a lot of fun.

M: What’s your favorite venue to play?

A: I just played my new favorite venue actually and it’s in Omaha. It’s this venue called Slowdown and it’s owned by Saddle Creek Records. Also, we got to raid the warehouse for Saddle Creek which was cool because I’m a huge Saddle Creek fan and I got to see all these old records and everything. Also, the venue is really cool and it’s brand new so it’s nice and everyone who works there is really nice and it’s amazing.

J: Well, as I told you before the interview, we don’t do news, but rather, we focus on music promotion and review and we love to ask artists who they think should get more coverage and since you’re talking to us now, it’s your turn…

A: Oh my god, one of my favorite bands ever, The Faint. They are one of my favorite bands ever. Oh, Son, Ambulance as well.

J: Since it’s so hot out and you have to deal with this everyday, what would the Cobra Starship summer safety tips be for our readers?

A: Sunblock. Halo on the bus. Hangout on the bus. Stay in the shade. Don’t use port-a-potties and drink lots of fluids.

J: Well, we have had a theme for recent interviews in which we ask band’s to give us their back to school tips/checklists/reminders. What would the essential guide from Cobra Starship look like. What do we need and what do we need to know going back to school?

A: Easy. Trapper keeper is number one because you gotta keep your stuff organized. Gameboy. You all need to get a Nintendo DS,w e all have one and you can link with your friends and play with your buddies under the desk or whatnot. Pens, because I hate pencils and they give me the chills when I use them. hm..two more… We’re trying to get some cool stuff out for back to school like a Cobra Starship calculator, so you need to have one of those. Lastly, you got to have a car. You need to be able to skip class, grab some food and then come back to hang out with your friends during last period.

J: Thank you so much for doing this, we know you have a couple more interviews and then you have to play today so we’ll get going, but thank you once again and hopefully we’ll meet up this fall.

A: Thank you guys.

* Written By: James Shotwell*

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