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We Interviewed Frank from EMMURE!

Recently, [UTG] James and [UTG] JP spoke briefly with Frank from Emmure. Below you can find the interview that transpired and don’t forget to buy their new album: The Respect Issue, in stores now! J: Hey, this is James and JP coming to you from Grand Rapids, Michigan and I’m talking with; well, let’s just […]

Have Heart – Songs To Scream At The Sun

Band: Have Heart Album: Songs To Scream At the Sun Genre: Hardcore Label: Bridge Nine Tracks: 1. The Same Son 2. Bostons 3. Pave Paradise 4. On That Bird In The Cage 5. Brotherly Love 6. No Roses, No Skies 7. The Taste of The Floor 8. Reflections 9. Hard bark on the Family Tree […]