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From First To Last – From First To Last

Band: From First To Last Album: From First To Last Genre: Scene Rock Label: Suretone Tracks: 1. Two As One 2. The Other Side 3. Worlds Away 4. We All Turn Back To Dust 5. Medicinal Reality 6. A Perfect Mess 7. Tick Tick tomorrow 8. Deliverance 9. I Once Was Lost, But Now Am […]

Skillz – The Million Dollar Backpack

Band: Skillz Album: The Million Dollar Backpack Genre: Hip Hop Label: Koch Tracks: 1. The Million Dollar Backpack [intro] 2. Where I Been 3. Don’t Act Like You Don’t Know 4. So Far So Good 5. Sick 6. He Don’t Own Me 7. My Phone 8. Yeah Ya Know It 9. Hold Tight 10. Crazy […]