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The Hold Steady – Stay Positive

Band: The Hold Steady Album: Stay Positive Genre: Rock Label: Vagrant Tracks: 1. Constructive Summer 2. Sequestered in Memphis 3. One For The Cutters 4. Navy Sheets 5. Lord, I’m Discouraged 6. Yeah Sapphire 7. Both Crosses 8. Stay Positive 9. Magazines 10. Joke About Jamaica 11. Slapped Actress Everyone has a band that they’ve […]

UNSIGNED SPOTLIGHT – Get Set Radio – The New Adventures Of…

Band: Get Set Radio Album: The New Adventures Of… Genre: Rock/Pop Label: Unsigned Tracks: 1. Jump 2. Turn Up The Heat 3. This Kind of Destruction 4. Falling By The Dozen 5. Sacrifice We’ve shared many bands with you that we believe are poised to be the next big thing. However, this is the first […]

Bridge and Tunnel – East/West

Band: Bridge and Tunnel Album: East/West Genre: Rock/Punk Label: No Idea Tracks: 1. Wartime Souvenirs 2. Call To The Comproller’s Office 3. Night Owls 4. White-Collar Crime Scene 5. Rubrics 6. Dear Sir 7. Town Hall Gathering 8. The World Series 9. Grace For These Wayward Hearts 10. Down For My People Like Joe Carroll […]

From First To Last – From First To Last

Band: From First To Last Album: From First To Last Genre: Scene Rock Label: Suretone Tracks: 1. Two As One 2. The Other Side 3. Worlds Away 4. We All Turn Back To Dust 5. Medicinal Reality 6. A Perfect Mess 7. Tick Tick tomorrow 8. Deliverance 9. I Once Was Lost, But Now Am […]

Skillz – The Million Dollar Backpack

Band: Skillz Album: The Million Dollar Backpack Genre: Hip Hop Label: Koch Tracks: 1. The Million Dollar Backpack [intro] 2. Where I Been 3. Don’t Act Like You Don’t Know 4. So Far So Good 5. Sick 6. He Don’t Own Me 7. My Phone 8. Yeah Ya Know It 9. Hold Tight 10. Crazy […]

We interviewed Aaron from UNDEROATH!

Recently, James and JP met up with Aaron Gillespie [Drummer/back up vocalist] of Underoath. They discussed the band’s Summer on Mayhem, Pig Cloth, and especially the band’s new record Lost In The Sound Of Seperation which will be released on September 2nd! J: Before we dig into Underoath, I wanted to ask you if you […]

Brian "Head" Welch – Save Me From Myself [CD + Book]

Band: Brian “Head” Welch Album: Save Me From Myself Genre: Christian/Rock Label: Driven Music Tracks: 1. L.O.V.E. 2. Flush 3. Loyalty 4. Re-Bel 5. Home 6. Save Me From Myself 7. Die Religion Die 8. Adonai 9. Money 10. Shake 11. Washed By Blood The opening and closing tracks to Save Me From Myself begin […]

Walls of Jericho – The American Dream

Band: Walls of Jericho Album: The American Dream Genre: Hardcore/Punk Label: Trustkill Tracks: 1. The New Ministry 2. II The Prey 3. The American Dream 4. Feeding Frenzy 5. I The Hunter 6. Famous Last words 7. A Long Walk Home 8. III Shock of the Century 9. Discovery of Jones 10. Standing on Paper […]

Century – Black Ocean

Band: Century Album: Black Ocean Genre: Metal Label: Prosthetic Tracks: 1. Pantheon 2. Black Ocean 3. Erasure 4. Drug Mule 5. Equus 6. Rising Sun 7. Monolith 8. Daylight Algorithm 9. Dysgenics 10. Terror Starts At Home Century is a Metalcore band hailing from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Before, Black Ocean, they had two prior releases; Century […]

Automatic Loveletter – Recover EP

Band: Automatic Loveletter Album: Recover EP Genre: Pop Rock Label: Epic Tracks: 1. The Answer 2. August 28th, 3:30 AM 3. Hush 4. Parker 5. Make-Up Smeared Eyes [acoustic] I don’t know if you’re suppose to salivate from music, but this EP made me do just that. Recover, the Epic records debut from Automatic Loveletter […]

Architecture in Helsinki – Like it or Not EP

Band: Architecture in Helsinki Album: Like it or Not EP Genre: Indie/Rock Label: Polyvinyl Tracks: 1. Like it or Not [Version 2] 2. Beef in Box 3. One Heavy February 2008 4. Hold Music [Max Tundra Remix] 5. Like It or Not [El Guincho Remix] When you get a record from Polyvinyl, you can expect […]

We Interviewed Jared of The Maine!

Last week, James met up with Jared Monaco of The Maine. They discussed touring, the new album, and just what has been going on in his life. Read the contents of that conversation below and be sure to check out the band’s new album, Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop which is in stores now! J: You […]