Alesana – Where Myth Fades to Legend

Band: Alesana
Album: Where myth fades to legend
Genre: Screamo/Post-Hardcore
Label: Fearless Records

1. This Is Usually The Part Where People Scream
2. Goodbye, Goodnight, For Good
3. Seduction
4. Sweetheart, You Are Sadly Mistaken
5. Red And Dying Evening
6. Better Luck Next Time, Prince Charming
7. The Uninvited Thirteenth
8. A Most Profound Quiet
9. And They Call This Tragedy
10. All Night Dance Parties In The Underground Palace
11. Endings Without Stories
12. As You Wish
13. Obsession Is Such An Ugly Word 

Alesana is a Screamo band from Raleigh, North Carolina. Currently signed to Fearless Records. They consist of a powerful 6 members, all of whom possess an extraordinary amount of talent and potential.

Where Myth Fades to Legend is now their second full length album and it does not disappoint. The first thing that I realized when I began playing this album is that they have changed very much since their last album as far as sound. While some people have been a little bit disappointed in the different sound, I view it as progression for the band as a whole. While it does sound much different, do not be too upset because they still sound really solid.

The first track on Where Myth fades to Legend is entitled “This Is Usually The Part Where People Scream”and  starts the album off on the right foot and provides a perfect and steady course for the rest of the album. It starts with a suspenseful, almost chilling intro, that leads into a unique guitar riff and then all the other instruments join in to make a really solid intro. Then in comes the vocals, screaming right from their heart and souls. The vocals on this track are absolutely perfect with just the right mix of screaming and singing. The drums thunder along and keep the perfect beat the entire track. My personal favorite part of the track was the breakdown which was surprisingly heavy but takes a turn and goes back into the chorus.

The always popular “Goodbye, Goodnight, For Good” unsurprisingly makes the track list on this album but this time, perfection. This has always been a track that I have enjoyed on every album they have put out, but never before has it sounded this good. This track alone shows how far they have come since the very start. With phenomenal guitar riffs throughout, vocals that keep you on the edge the entire song and one sick breakdown.

Another song that I really enjoyed on this album was “Better Luck Next Time, Prince Charming”. This song starts out with a sick sounding riff, with crashing symbols accompanying it. The thing that really strikes me about this song is the diversity that you hear throughout the entire track. It would be extremely hard labeling this song a specific genre because it is so diverse. It goes from melodic to pretty heavy within seconds. The entire track has flawless transitions.

To sum up the entire cd, I must say it is very well done. The placement of the tracks seemed very strategic, as they just seem to go in just the perfect order smoothly transitioning to the next. There were a few things that I didn’t care for on the cd, but those were very minimal. Most of the tracks on this cd were quite original and had a lot of variety, but there are a few that are kind of bland and do not stand out that much.

As a whole this album is a success in my opinion. Alesana has come extremely far with their music, and their style has changed quite a bit on this album which is clear from the start. Some criticize them saying this album isn’t as fantastic as their previous works, but they challenge themselves, bringing much more talent to this album. So don’t expect old Alesana when listening to this because you may be mildly disappointed, but I promise you, this is still a good album. 

**Written by: Danny Weiss**
Grade: 8/10

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