We Interviewed Chelsea Grin

Deathgrind is about to get some fresh competition. Statik Factory Records’ newest band, Chelsea Grin, is rewriting the rules on the genre with blazing speed, depth, and intricacy. We got the first big interview with the band earlier this week and the results can be found below. Take note, this band is about to blow up.



J: Though you’re new signees, you already know this scene is literally bursting with bands, what sets you apart? 

CG: Our backrounds as well as determination throughout the band.  We dont really focus on being different. We just play and do what we love.

J: The artwork for you EP is quite…well…Amazing. Who does you art design and how much input did you have with it? 

CG: Monument Studios did the artwork. We mostly just told them that we wanted a face with a “chelsea grin” and he took the rest on himself. 

J: Everyone has bands and albums that got them into music, who and what are those items for you all?

Whitechapel- Somatic Defilement
Bury Your Dead- Beauty and the Breakdown
Emmure- Goodbye to the Gallows
American Me- Heat
Recon- Welcome to Viper City 

J: Utah is not the first place people think of when it comes to this genre, what’s the scene like there and how did you go about rising in it? 

CG: Despite the Mormon religion being as prosperous as it is here, there is a very large scene in Salt Lake. Punk, alternative and other genres seem to have a difficult time getting fans in this area. Almost everyone within the 13-20 age range love metal.  We just promoted the f*ck out of ourselves and market everything the best we could. People also seem to like our music a lot here. 

J: When you get into the studio next, what can we expect? 

CG: Expect everything to be much heavier and jumpy. Mostly sh*t that will just make you want to f**king kill someone. 

J: If you had to be an animal for a day, what animal would you be? 

CG: We’d be vampire bats, because we suck. 

J: The level of difficulty in your music is stunning, what kind of training do you all have with you instruments – aka – what’s your musical histories?

Ak (VOX): Mostly screams to bands like Suicide Silence and other influences.
Chris (Guitar): Obsessed with 80’s hair metal and hip hop.

Mike (Guitar): Practices extreamly hard sh*t on his guitar.
Andrew (Drums): Plays congas and copies Bury Your Dead.

Austin (Bass): Smacks his bass and acts black. and fat…and black.  

J: What is a typical day in the life of a member of Chelsea Grin both on and off the road? 

CG: On the road, it’s mostly looking for places to stay, finding food and gettin b*tches. Off the road, it’s just school and trying to progress the band as far as we can…and getting b*tches. 

J: Lyrically speaking, what is your inspiration and themes? 

CG: A lot of the lyrics from our Ep are inspired from whores that we hate. A lot more of our new sh*t is from other things such as backstabbing and cowardice. 

J: Some say the scene is beyond fixing and others think it’s never been better, how do you view the current “heavy music” world and what, if anything, would you like to see change? 

CG: We think that this scene is growing immensly in Utah. It seems to be getting better and better everywhere else when we look at some of our big influences such as Suicide Silence, Whitechapel and Recon. We’d like to see more bands like that on MTV and elsewhere. 

*Written By: James Shotwell* 

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