Mondo Primo – 2FN Hot!

Band: Mondo Pr!mo
Title: 2FN Hot!
Genre: Alternative
Label: Heinous Records

1. Overheated In Nashville 
2. Bands With Brand New Amps
3. Man’s Van vs. Diablo
4. Allegories
5. Dude, Your Girlfriend Sucks
6. East Coast Girls
7. Post-Party Depression
8. Eye On You
9. Powerchords
10. Splitsville, VA
11. Cosmic Tuesday
12. Move Away from Tennessee

What do you get when you mix four guys with Bowling for Soup lyrics, add in producer Matt Mahaffey (known for his work with Hellogoodbye), and add 3D glasses? You get 2FN Hot, the first release by Mondo Pr!mo, formerly known as Feable Weiner. You’re probably saying “3D glasses!?” just like I did, but trust me, those glasses aren’t the only reason to go get this album.

Beyond the distractingly awesome 3D art lies a solid first attempt by the foursome. The album starts off with “Overheated in Nashville” which begins with crunchy guitar riffs and segways into the super catchy arena where it makes you want to get up and dance. Oddly, the song ends in doo-wop style, but the harmonies are undeniable.

Mondo Pr!mo bites back with “Bands With Brand New Amps.” The first verse goes “Before your first fan, a producer started your band. He played, then you sang the whole record. Then the coolest labels threw offers on your table.” They are calling out all those artists that have made it big without having to lift a finger, or even play an instrument. It’s not always that easy in the music industry; it’s a make it or break it situation. Besides the biting lyrics, the infectious guitar and rhythm from the first song have carried on into this one. It’s an A in my book.

My favorite song off this album has to be “Dude, Your Girlfriend Sucks.” Now I’m sure some of you have had the pleasant experience of your best friend having that girlfriend from hell. The song starts with the guys singing “Dude, listen up. Your girlfriend sucks!” Immediately, the beat picks up, the guitars swing into motion, and it sounds like Little Richard is in the background playing away at his piano. You can’t deny the catchy lyrics of this song; seriously, they stick in your head.

If there’s anything you’ll get from 2FN Hot, it’s that each song brings a little something different to the table, but always has the catchy, yet, simple lyrics driven forward by instrumentals reminiscent of a mixture between Hellogoodbye and The All-American Rejects. Go out an buy the album, not only for the 3D glasses, which make their MySpace crazy cool, but because Mondo Pr!mo is going to make a name for themselves, and you’ll be able to say “I knew them when…”

*Written By: Kelsey Fales*
Grade: 7/10

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