Senses Fail – Life Is Not A Waiting Room

Band: Senses Fail
Album: Life Is Not A Waiting Room
Genre: Screamo/Punk/Rock
Label: Vagrant Records

1. Fireworks At Dawn
2. Lungs Like Gallows
3. Garden State
4. Family Tradition
5. Wolves At The Door
6. Hair Of The Dog
7. Four Years
8. Ali For Cody
9. Yellow Angels
10. Chandelier
11. Map The Streets
12. Blackout

For anyone who has never heard for Senses Fail (Shame on you, but don’t worry it’s never too late), they are a Screamo/Punkish band from New Jersey. They have always been an extremely driven band making sure everything they wrote meant something to them and other people. Before Life Is Not A Waiting Room, they have previously released “Let It Enfold You”, “Still Searching”, and “From the Depths of Dreams.

Every one of their previous releases has been an absolute masterpiece so my expectations for Life Is Not A Waiting Room were extremely high. As soon as I heard they were writing a new album, I was both extremely excited to hear what it would sound like. As far as sound, Life Is Not A Waiting Room sounds most like Still Searching but still has a complete unique sound. It’s hard to even explain what style it is, but you can tell they have a huge punk, metal and rock influence. This album is louder, heavier, angrier and more aggressive then any of their other releases, yet still it still has huge variety and its mellow parts.

My personal favorite track on this album is the masterpiece entitled “Ali For Cody”. The lyrics hit me harder then any other track on this album. You can tell how passionate they were while writing this song. It starts off with a simple guitar riff that pulls you into really moving lyrics that start off seeming almost innocent to downright angry and hateful. The drums move the track along smoothly with a very good beat and a lot of crashing, booming cymbals to keep the tempo up.

The very first song I heard before the album came up got me extremely excited, and drove my hopes extremely high. “Family Tradition” is a instant hit, starting of with a really sweet mellow, and pretty technical guitar riff joined in with some laid back but still crushing drums. This song has extremely catchy lyrics that are easy to sing along with and get into. The vocals on this track are beautiful, showing the deepest passion for music while they are also written extremely well.

Another track I really enjoyed was “Yellow Angels”. This is a pretty mellow song but also has it aggressive parts. It’s a really soothing and relaxing song. The very slow intro catches and you instantly want to hear more. It builds into a little heavier part when the second guitar comes in. I believe that this is the most emotional song on the track. It kept my attention through the whole song; there was not one boring part.

Senses Fail has come extremely far from day one. They are one of the most passionate, progressive, enthusiastic and original bands out there in the world right now. They dare not to sell themselves out, they write what they feel and they really care that their fans enjoy what they are playing. I can honestly say that Life Is Not A Waiting Room would have to be their best release to this moment. It’s moving, it’s captivating, and it’s a lyrical masterpiece that no other bands dare to compete with. This album shows you how much Senses Fail has grown, and how much variety they can really play with.

*Written By: Danny Weiss*
Grade: 8/10

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