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Tantric – The End Begins

Band: Tantric Album: The End Begins Genre: Rock Label: Silent Majority Tracks: 1. Regret 2. Down And Out 3. The One (Clean) 4. Love Song 5. Wishing 6. Something Better 7. Lucky One 8. The End Begins 9. Monopoly (Clean) 10. Why Don’t You 11. Lay Tantric is an alternative rock band from Louisville. They […]

Tapes ‘N Tapes – Walk It Off

Band: Tapes ‘N Tapes Album: Walk It Off Genre: Indie Rock Label: XL Tracks: 1. Le Ruse 2. Time of Songs 3. Hang Them All 4. Headshock 5. Conquest 6. Say Back Something 7. Demon Apple 8. Blunt 9. George Michael 10. Anvil 11. Lines 12. The Dirty Dirty  I have to admit that reviewing […]

Comeback Kid – Through The Noise

Band: Comeback Kid Album: Through The Noise Genre: Hardcore/Punk Label: Victory Records Tracks: 1. False Idols Fall 2. Die Tonight 3. Broadcasting… 4. Partners in Crime 5. Changing Face 6. Industry Standards 7. Defeated 8. All in a Year 9. Step Ahead 10. Talk Is Cheap 11. The Trouble I Love 12. Hailing on Me […]

Budda Early – The Treatment [Mixtape Vol. 2]

Band: Budda Early Album: The Treatment Genre: Hip Hop/Rap Label: N/A Tracks: 1. Blow You Away [intro] 2. Hard Body 3. Kid Skit 4. Go Crazy 5. Drop It 6. Westcoast Freestyle 7. Bowdown 8. Arch Ya Back 9. As We Ride 10. Speak My Language 11. Superman is Alive 12. My Block 13. Hold […]

We Interviewed Chelsea Grin

Deathgrind is about to get some fresh competition. Statik Factory Records’ newest band, Chelsea Grin, is rewriting the rules on the genre with blazing speed, depth, and intricacy. We got the first big interview with the band earlier this week and the results can be found below. Take note, this band is about to blow up. […]

Sister Sin – Switchblade Serenades

Band: Sister Sin Album: Switchblade Serenades Genre: Metal [Glam-like] Label: Victory Tracks: 1. Beat The Street 2. Death Will Greet Us 3. One Out of Ten 4. Breaking New Ground 5. On Parole 6. Make My Day 7. Hostile-Violent 8. Switchblade Serenades 9. Love/Hate 10. All Systems Go 11. Eye To Eye Ah, the world […]

Chelsea Grin – Chelsea Grin EP

Band: Chelsea Grin Album: Chelsea Grin EP Genre: Deathgrind Label: Statik Factory Tracks: 1. Crewcabanger 2. Anathema Of The Sick 3. Cheyne-Strokes 4. Disgrace 5. Lifeless How many deathgrind bands does it take to make a good demo?  Just one: Chelsea Grin.  It’s hard to break in to the deathgrind genre and make people take notice, especially […]

Copeland – You Are My Sunshine

Band: Copeland Album: You Are My Sunshine Genre: Alternative Pop Rock Label: Tooth and Nail Tracks: 1. Should You Return 2. The Grey Man 3. Chin Up 4. Good Morning Fire Eater 5. To Be Happy Now 6. The Day I Lost My Voice 7. On The Safest Ledge 8. Not Allowed 9. Strange and […]

We Interviewed Josh from Showbread!

Talented? Check. Hectic live show? Check. Career the likes of which have not been duplicated? Check to the max. Showbread is one band that lives in a league all their own and after talking to their vocalist Josh, it’s plain to see why. This is a band driven solely by a love of music and […]

We Interviewed Dallas from Maylene and The Sons of Disaster

The south is alive with pure rock and roll and if you need any proof – look no further than Dallas Taylor of Maylene and The Sons of Disaster. From his days in Underoath to now, Dallas has captivated heavy music fans the world over and we just spoke with him. The conversation can be […]

Alesana – Where Myth Fades to Legend

Band: Alesana Album: Where myth fades to legend Genre: Screamo/Post-Hardcore Label: Fearless Records Tracks: 1. This Is Usually The Part Where People Scream 2. Goodbye, Goodnight, For Good 3. Seduction 4. Sweetheart, You Are Sadly Mistaken 5. Red And Dying Evening 6. Better Luck Next Time, Prince Charming 7. The Uninvited Thirteenth 8. A Most […]