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We Interviewed JOHN NOLAN of Straylight Run

The current music scene would not be the same without John Nolan. From his work in Taking Back Sunday to today with Straylight Run. His career has been one most would only hope to live and it continues to this day. With their new DIY release of Un, Mas, Dos the group take yet another […]

We Interviewed Ben from The Status!

There’s a new band on the scene that we at UTG think deserve some attention. The Status just released their Doghouse Records debut this week and you should probably prepare to hear a lot from them in the coming months. James got a chance to talk to Ben Grant yesterday while the band traveled on […]

Don’t Miss Out – La Dispute Pre-order!

In our effort to keep you up on the latest and greatest music, I feel the need to tell you that La Dispute’s debut full length, Somewhere At The Bottom of The River Between Vega and Altair is now up for pre-order. A little note sent to us from their label can be found below…DON’T MISS […]

We Interviewed Steven From Haste The Day!

Haste the Day has become a staple in the heavy scene over the course of their previous three releases. Now, with their fourth, Dreamer, set to drop in the near future and some great tour plans, one can only assume their popularity to rise quite quickly. Yesterday, James spoke with Steven [vocals] and what transpired […]

North – What You Were

Band: North Album: What You Were Genre: Post Rock/Hardcore Label: Cavity Tracks: 1. Possibilities 2. Ghosts Among Us 3. I Am Become Death 4. Failing In Perpetuum 5. Intentions 6. Eidolon 7. What You Were 8. Perspectives 9. Veiled In Light 10. Reflections  Every now and then a band comes along and makes a permanent […]

We Interviewed …And Hell Followed With!

Taking a step away from the biggest acts at the moment, this time around we at UTG are bringing you your first one on one with tomorrow’s next big act. Statik Factory Records’ And Hell Followed With bring crushing metal and poignant lyrics together in a tornado of sound that’s sure to open up a […]

La Dispute – Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River Between Vega and Altair

  Band: La Dispute Album: Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River Between Vega and Altair Genre: Experimental Rock Label: No Sleep Tracks: 1. Such Small Hands 2. Said The King to The River 3. New Storms for Old Lovers 4. Damaged Goods 5. Fall Down, Never Get Back Up Again 6. Bury Your Flame […]

Partner Spotlight – Workhorse Illustration

The world of UTG is made up of people who love and devote themselves to music. So, it should come as no surprise to anyone that we associate ourselves with like minded people. This week, I want to highlight our dear friend Scott Wygmans design work. If you’ve ever been to our myspace, you’ll see […]

We Interviewed Drew from See You Next Tuesday!

Continuing with our promotion for the new See You Next Tuesday album, Intervals, we bring you a quickie interview that JP happened to land with Drew from SYNT. This is a continuation of the interview we posted with Fox and coming next week, a podcast featuring all of SYNT! JP: Haven’t seen you in a […]

Disciple – Southern Hospitality

Band: Disciple Album: Southern Hospitality Genre: Southern Rock Label: INO Records Tracks: 1. Southern Hospitality 2. Romance Me 3. 321 4. Whisper So Loud 5. Whatever Reason 6. Phoenix Rising 7. Liar 8. Falling Star 9. Right There 10. On My Way Down 11. Law My Burdens 12. Savior  Few bands today make it past […]