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New Podcasts Featuring Family Force 5 and The Spill Canvas!

If you still don’t know, we have podcasts featuring extended uncensored interviews with the scene’s hottest bands! I [James] have spent the day uploading 2 BRAND NEW installments featuring Family Force 5 and The Spill Canvas. If you like these in any way, shape, or form, listen to these! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN IN! Thanks, […]


It’s Tuesday November 4th here in the USA and that means it’s time to vote! IF you look at the site you are sure to learn who we endorse, but the choice is yours! Get out and let your voice be heard! Also, check out this video from our heroes Jake and Amir Election from […]

Show Review – Copeland/Lovedrug

Copeland with Lovedrug Wednesday, October 29, 2008 The Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI   From the second we arrived in Ann Arbor, we could tell that the show was going to be sold out. Kids were wrapped around the block in weather where you could see your breath in. After we waited 20 plus minutes […]

Sing It Loud – Come Around

Band: Sing It Loud Album: Come Around Genre: Pop Rock Label: Epitaph Tracks: 1. I’ve Got A Feeling 2. We’re Not Afraid 3. Come Around 4. Don’t Save Me 5. Give It Up 6. MPLS 7. No One Can Touch Us 8. Marionettes 9. Over You 10. Fade Away 11.  Best Beating Heart Once upon […]