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Bring Me The Horizon – Suicide Season

Band: Bring Me The Horizon Album: Suicide Season Genre: Metal/Brocore Label: Epitaph [US] Tracks: 1. The Comedown 2. Chelsea Smile 3. It Was Written In Blood 4. Death Breath 5. Football Season is Over 6. Sleep With One Eye Open 7. Diamonds Aren’t Forever 8. The Sadness Will Never End 9. No Need For Introductions, […]

We Interviewed Flatfoot 56!

Last week James had a chance to call Tobin from Flatfoot 56 and see what the working class irish punks were up to…Here’s what they had to say: UTG: How are you today? F56: Good, just driving down to Gainesville, FL. UTG: I’m told you’re in the beginning stages of a pretty large scale tour, […]

Funeral For A Friend – Memory and Humanity

  Band: Funeral For A Friend Album: Memory and Humanity Genre: Rock Label: Victory [US] Tracks: 1. Rules and Games 2. To Die Like Mouchette 3. Kicking and Screaming 4. Constant Illuminations 5. Maybe I Am? 6. You Can’t See The Forest For The Wolves 7. Building 8. Beneath The Burning Tree 9. Someday The […]

We Interviewed The Faceless

Last week James had a chance to phone up The Faceless to discuss their brand new concept album which just dropped this week. GO BUY IT! UTG: Hello, how are you today? TF: Pretty good, we’re in Atlanta. UTG: So, the album comes out next week, what can you tell us about it? TF: It’s a concept […]