Taylor Swift – Fearless


Band: Taylor Swift
Album: Fearless
Genre: Pop/Country
Label: Big Machine

1. Fearless
2. Fifteen
3. Love Story
4. Hey Stephen
5. White Horse
6. You Belong To Me
7. Breathe
8. Tell Me Why
9. You’re Not Sorry
10. The Way I Loved You
11. Forever and Always
12. The Best Day
13. Change

When I told people I was going to review Taylor Swift’s new album, Fearless, I was met with a lot of confusion. Most people didn’t get why UTG would want to deal with such a release, but I told them we’re expanding and that is the case. Most people then just went along shaking their heads, but for anyone who asked more questions, I simple told them: “Just listen to one song.” 

Fearless is kicked off with a title track that oozes a desire to be on the top 40. The evolution from the previous album to this is immediately obvious in the word usage of the young songwriter as well as the overall structure. It’s evident here and on other tracks like, “Love Story,” and, “You’re Not Sorry,” that Swift clearly wanted to up the game this time around and she did it with flying colors.

The single, “Love Story,” is a perfect song. There is nothing else I can say about it and if you’ve ever had a doubt about this young musician, this is the song to give a chance to. There’s also a wonderful folk laced number in, “The Best Day,” that is sure to hook those who’d rather not listen to top 40 tunes. It’s on more laid back tracks like this that we find Swift’s voice has matured into something near iconic. She’s become the voice of a new generation that doesn’t shop at Hot Topic, but also isn’t just run of the mill all American Youth and she more than earns it throughout Fearless.

I’m not going to say this is a perfect album because it isn’t, but I’ll say that anyone would be hard pressed to find a single song that doesn’t feel meant for radio fame. “Fifteen,” the second track which seems to discuss Freshman year of high school for a girl, may be a bit too corny for the masses, but flows well as near filler between two stunning tracks. Also, “The Way I Loved You,” feels like a water downed Shania Twain song circa Come on Over, but then again, isn’t it time for another massive album like that one was?

Overall, Fearless is a testament to the music industry. Though everything in this business seems to be sliding downhill, Swift sold 3 million copies of her debut album and if there is any form of high power, Fearless will be even bigger. The relatively unknown girl who cried over her guitar has become a bridge between the country and pop world. Her voice and writing have become something all musicians strive for and I can’t stop listening. What’s next for Swift? I have no idea, but rest assured I’ll be anxious to hear it regardless.

*Written By: James Shotwell*
Grade: 8/10

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  • I’m looking forward to Taylor Swift’s upcoming CD. Seems like ages since her last one.