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And Hell Followed With – Domain

  Band: And Hell Followed With Album: Domain Genre: Metal Label: Statik Factory Tracks: 1. The End of Prosperity 2. A Throne Enshrouded 3. Serpents Beneath Their Hoods 4. Give Breath To Her Memory 5. An Infestation 6. The Pious, Now Corrupt 7. A Whisper From Sorrow 8. Legendary 9. Consumed By Silence [Part 1] […]

We Phoned Teenage Cool Kids!

  After seeing TCK perform live at The Kickstand in Gainesville, I had to catch up with the boys from Denton, Texas for a Saturday afternoon conference. Teenage Cool Kids @ The Kickstand during THE FEST 7   Billy T of UTG: Ok! Go ahead and introduce yourselves and tell me what you do in […]