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Artist Vs. Poet – Artist Vs. Poet EP

  Band: Artist Vs. Poet Album: Artist Vs. Poet EP Genre:  Pop Rock Label: Fearless Tracks: 1. Run Away 2. Assurance Closure 3. Lisa Marie 4. Infallible Remedy 5. All In It seems like every label is getting out Myspace sensations this year. We had I Set My Friends on Fire from Epitaph and now we get […]

Show Review – Chiodos/Silverstein/Escape The Fate/Alesana/A Skylit Drive!

Chiodos/Silverstein/Escape The Fate/Alesana/A Skylit Drive Nov. 14, 2008 The Orbit Room – Grand Rapids, MI I am not the largest Alesana fan. They’re music is not my favorite, and the very first time I heard one of their songs, I wrote them off as being not my style. Surprisingly enough, I liked Alesana’s set. This […]

Dr. Acula – Below Me!

  Band: Dr. Acula Album: Below Me! Genre: Grindcore/Partycore Label: Uprising Tracks: 1. Beer Pong Massacre 2. Why I’m Afraid Of Bees 3. Night Of The Living Dummy 4. Go Eat Worms 5. You Can’t Scare Me 6. Say Cheese and Die 7. Shocker on Shock Street 8. Piano Lessons Can Be Murder 9. Say […]