Escape The Fate – This War Is Ours


Band: Escape The Fate
Album: This War Is Ours
Genre:  Rock/Hard Rock
Label: Epitaph

1. We Won’t Back Down
2. On To The Next One
3. Ashley
4. Something
5. The Flood
6. Let It Go
7. You Are So Beautiful
8. This War Is Ours [The Guillotine II]
9. Miles Wide
10. Harder Than You Know
11. It’s Just Me

Escape The Fate is a band that in the last year has gone from top of the scene, to almost breaking up and then to now, trying to reclaim the throne they once sat in so well. This War Is Ours, the Sophomore release of ETF on Epitaph Records features new vocalist Craig Mabbitt [ex Blessthefall] taking over for the now incarcerated Ronnie Radke. Where many bands would have collapse, Escape The Fate thrived and this album serves as proof of their drive and dedication.

When replacing a lead vocalist, a lot of bands face the problem of getting people to buy into the new frontman. That was double the case for ETF as Radke had become a sort of iconic figure in the scene with a voice that seemed meant for stardom, but luckily the band was prepared to face this “battle.” “We Won’t Back Down,” the kick off track, showcases that Mabbitt, though vocally different than Radke, can sing and ETF quickly leave a gash in the idea that Mabbitt wouldn’t be able to suffice. The key on War is that it sounds similar to the band’s previous releases, yet different enough too separate them and who they were and who they are. Where Dying Is Your Latest Fashion was full of post hardcore chugs and growls, This War is built on near hair meta guitar styles and anthemic singing.

As already mentioned, “We Won’t Back Down,” kicks things off on a high note as well as the follow up, “On To The Next One.” Mabbitt had previously been known for his screams, but in order to create a new band,  ETF and Mabbitt stray from the breakdowns for a good chunk of the album and prefer to smash together arena rock and Hot Topic friendly rock. Theswooshed bangs are there, but so are the leather jackets and, “let’s party, but still deal with relationships” attitudes. The lead single, “The Flood,” pretty much sums this up well, but for those being into the hardcore style should listen in to, “This War Is Ours [The Guillotine II],” whichs fires like a cannon of pure rock genius. Each lick hits hard and the vocals are catchy and ferocious. One other highlight would be the radio ready, “You Are So Beautiful,” which just radiates on the disc, but doesn’t really have the lasting power of some other tunes.

However, as with any new creation, there are some flaws. Most the slower paced numbers seem either a little long or a bit too whiny for my taste, but I’m sure some younger listeners will eat them up. The band will probably also lose some points with scene purists for featuring Buckcherry’s vocalist on, “Miles Wide.” However, it fits well, so I can’t hate too much. 

This War Is Ours is not just another ETF album, but a gorgeous rebirth for a band few believed would make it out of 2008 alive. With the addition of Mabbitt the band has found a niche all their own in a world where genres are starting to be the deciding factor in listeners choices. Escape The Fate have managed to weld the whole post hardcore scene with top 40 rock and the results are unrelentingly entertaining. Find this album. Now.

*Written By: James Shotwell*
Grade: 8/10

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