Brokencyde – BC13

Band: Brokencyde
Album: BC13
Genre:  Scene Electronic
Label: Suburban Noize

1. Freaxxx
2. Sex Toyz
3. Schitzo
4. Hofosho
5. Bree Bree

Last week, UTG grinded a few gears with our review of Jeffree Star’s abomination of an EP and this week; we’re kicking it up a notch. It’s not that we have anything directly against Myspace celebrities because a lot of them do have some amazing abilities [ex: Secondhand Serenade], but there are some that are just so preposturous and downright juvenile that we can’t help, but feel the need to confess our hatred towards. This time around in the world of Myspace sensation we have the emo-crunk of Brokencyde and their debut EP BC 13 which is out now on Suburband Noize Records. What is emo crunk? The answer my friends, is the result of taking sexism, racial cliches, poor synth beats, horrible lyrics, and bad style and putting it all in a blender on high for five minutes.

Many people jumped on board with our comments on Mr. Star and I think this is one review that may garner somewhat torn thoughts from our readers. The genre that Brokencyde belongs in has been bursting in the last year as groups like 3oh3! and Breathe Carolina [who both do it justice] have made a name in the national market with label deals and decent releases, but just like everything great, there are 1000 impersonators doing it poorly. BC 13 is five tracks of ear gouging synth that would be perfection with a decent vocalist and catchy lyrics, ut unfortunately these tones are given neither and have to support the weight of poor autotune and more than annoying, repetitious screams. There are 5 members to Brokencyde, but one is a “crunk pig” mascot and one is their tour manager. Of the 3 “real members,” one sings, two scream and one of them admits to simply “ad libbing,” which generally turns out to just be inaudible yelps over the vocoder of the singer. If this doesn’t sound like disaster to you, you may want to check your musical arithmetical once again.

Now, I wouldn’t be doing this record any justice without discussing their so called musicianship. The beats are radio ready, but as previously mentioned, they collapse under the need to carry everything as the vocals and lyrics play like atrocities. “Girl you make my pee pee hard,” should never be uttered. Period. However Brokencyde manages to use this line and many others like it in great repetition as they work through BC 13. It’s enouh to make anyone with an ounce of maturity groan and even those who find enjoyment in such humor will find it a quickly fading hilarity that soon turns to annoyance. On top of all this, the band manages to take every hip hop cliche and use ti ina  way that’s propelled them forward because they also rockt he latest Hot Topic based clothing. The meer site of them is enough to make civil rights leaders of the past turn in graves.

Now, we gave Mr. Star half a point based off the one truly great beat on his disc and this EP is getting a bit more as the music does have some more consistancy to it. The beats hit hard and may even have enough life to live on their own without vocals, but unfortunately, there are 3 sets of vocals which work to rot your mind and make a crumbling base off the music. BC 13 is a contender for the worst album released this year, but that will matter not to those who buy into this sham of a genre. Those who love Jeffree Star, Millionaires, Hyper Crush, and other such bands will eat it up, everyone else needs to simply close our eyes, hope its all a dream, and click our heels.
*Written By: James Shotwell*
Grade: 1/10

James Shotwell

James Shotwell is the founder of Under The Gun Review. He loves writing about music and movies almost as much as he loves his two fat cats. He's also the co-founder of Antique Records and the Marketing Coordinator for Haulix. You should probably follow him on Twitter.

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  • Nice post u have here :D Added to my RSS reader

  • bubu

    brokencyde the best! i love all songs of bc13…Se7en is the most beautiful boy!

  • For Great Justice

    Simply put, you my friend are an idiot.

  • Tony

    Finally someone agrees that this “band” is aweful. I remember when music actually had some skill and class to it. Oh well.

    I hate scene kids.

  • FxckingJessica

    scene kids are totally bomb,
    brokencyde is sick fer sure,!
    theyre songs are catchy and good,!
    theyre style is sick,i would go there anyday and buy their clothes,
    bree bree is the best crunk pig around,
    like thats what makes them good,
    sorry but i think your a bit too harsh on BC13

  • Bijoux

    I have never before seen anything that incites such rage in me as their monstrosity of a music video. If only I could turn back time, to when I didn’t know these fools existed.

  • katti

    i fucking hate brokencyde.
    there’s only one decent song, but then i started listening to the lyrics.
    “lick my penis up and down up and down” and all of that.
    seriously, it disgusted me to no end.
    not only is their music merely a bunch of noise, but in general, its just vile.
    more than vile.
    a piece of shit is more worthy then this quote band.
    people who actually like this band are a bunch of faggy scene kids who have no life and think they’re “kewl”.
    this is an insult to music.

  • Fix

    I run a professional recording studio in Vancouver, Canada. I have listened to this band several times. I like rap/hip-hop and I like screamo/metal/rock. This band is the…. WORST…. BAND…. I… HAVE…. EVER… HEARD…. IN…. MY…. LIFE…. The fact that so many people like them makes me want to go on a fucking shooting spree. If this band ever comes to my hometown I will make sure I show them how much I like them.

  • Samantha

    Think some of you need to get off your high fucking horses.

    MUSIC IS MUSIC. Fucking accept it. Just because it doesn’t fall into your standards and shit, doesn’t mean it’s ridiculous. If you don’t like it, fine don’t listen to it. But honestly, who’s to say what one can or cannot say in a song? “you make my pee pee hard” shouldn’t even be uttered? ha! I’ve heard worse. And why not say it? I think that kind of shit makes their music more interesting and different because it tests assholes like you. And who gives a shit if some of you work with ‘professional recording studios’? I don’t. And surely they don’t. Learn to break the limits and the fucking standards for once. Damn. And FIX, seriously? A shooting spree? Wow. Pathetic. Learn to accept some shit in life. Deal with it.
    Now put your motha fuckin’ crowns up!!!!

  • SceneKidsSuck

    This is why I listen to Death Metal. This shit sucks.

  • RaE RAEge

    Oh My
    i totally agree with Samantha.
    Brokencyd is A-M-azing
    get over it
    this is real music
    its original and has its own twist
    youh jus need to get used to this new band nd genre
    cuz its not going anywhere
    nd honestly if youh hate this band as much as youh say
    why the hell r youh wasting your time typing all tht?
    ya’ll need to get a life

  • :/

    brokencyde is shit
    its NOT real music
    there is NOTHING original about them
    they seriously have no talent. i dont just say that because i dont enjoy the music. its just the fucking truth.
    im disgusted at the fact that they actually have fans
    brokencyde is seriously a joke, and they will die, just not soon enough.
    and its not a waste of time to express your hate towards something.
    it does not make anyone have less of a life, because they commented on a blog about the worst band to set foot on this fucking earth

  • The publisher

    Okay Brokencyde is awsome!
    Whoever doesnt understand that is just plain crazy!
    I mean really?C’mon,you know that if you were a teenager in this generation you would like it…stop lieing to yourself and admit it!

  • I really liked the way they came off

  • Emily

    I’ve realized that the only people who really like this band are dumb and I mean REALLY dumb scene kids who typ3 lyk diiss. I haven’t heard them say something smart, just “OMG BROKENCYDE IS AMAZING!”. It’s the only thing their brain capacity allows them to come up with. Now, everyone else with a bit of musical intelligence (and some real self-identity) hates this band. Although I agree with Samantha in the music is music part and that there will always be new genres and we should just put up with it, I’ve also got to say that there is some music that should never see the light of day. In all honesty, Brokencyde is just a joke. They’re not original, they’re just like everyone else trying to be cool by acting like they are creating something new and awesome but Dear God the only thing that they’re doing is taking every single musical cliche out there and mixing it all together to create a mess of cliched noise and crap. Of course they have fans: whoever is just as fake as they are. Whats sad about it is how we can’t really do much about it, just let the dumb scene kids get their brain washed with this crap, and be the one who makes a difference by not listening to them and not following the stupid crowd that’s obviously walking blindly towards a cliff.

  • Havik

    Ok, I like this band and if you other people don’t then who gives a shit? This band is good, Im not like “OMG TH3R3 THE BEST” Because there not in my Opion. Theres other bands I like. And to other people who said there not real music..Theres NO SUCH THING AS FAKE/NON MUSIC, Each noise is music, and I mean every noise, Birds, Bats, owls…etc But anyways, I like Brokencyde and if you hate them I don’t care, there’s worse bands out there (Not saying Brokencyde is bad I like them) and when they say “Girl you make my pee pee hard.” There just differnet type of band.

  • EddieF4

    Terrible band. Only scene kids enjoy this music because listening to actual crunk music would mean they actually like music not made by white scenesters (no racism intended). I have no problems with people liking popular music that is being pushed even though they usually are bad but are tolerable.

    Brokencyde just aren’t tolerable at all. I don’t know what kids classify this as but if it’s screamo, please don’t call it that again. Screamo has already been bastardized that actual screamo bands like saetia and city of caterpillar get a who? when talking about screamo. Crunk this ain’t too. I try to refrain from calling any music crap but this describes it perfectly.

  • Brokencyde is merely a horrid rip off of 3Oh!3, I’m glad someone else has the balls to say it. Great article!

  • DeAnna

    brokenCYDE is absolutely dreadful. I have a very open mind to music. I like most genres and will give anything a chance.

    I love good lyrics…a lot of times I can look past other things as long as the lyrics are good. I can honestly say that BC has of the worst lyrics I have ever heard. They mean nothing. They don’t inspire anything in anyone…isn’t that the one of the main purposes of music?? They are so digrading. I don’t see how girls can like this band…It actually makes me genuinely sad.

  • That One Guy

    I know alot of people don’t like Brokencyde but they’re at least decent. I actually like them because they’re different and I like their style. No other band really has the same style. There are similar bands, but they don’t come very close. I admit that the singing is mediocre, but the screaming and rapping are good. I’m not really loving the sex talk but I don’t mind it. The beats and synth are really good. My favorite song by them is Schitzophrenia (aka Schizo). It is not ENTIRELY about sex and the lyrics are REALLY good. All in all they have catchy songs and I really like them.

  • That One Guy

    Also you shouldn’t rip on them so badly. They’re different and are an acquired taste. They definitely don’t suck. Also no one cares about your record company. Music is for everyone, not just the musical geniouses or what ever.

  • Chris

    Im all for musical freedom and diversity, but this band denotes all of thier fame from cheap gimmicks and shock tactices, a literal shitstorm of poor taste, and of course, being marketable to the masses of underage emos who dont know better.
    Fuck this Band.

  • James

    I know people think this is bad, but wait till you see our review of Dot Dot Curve. It’s worse.

  • Tyrone

    to quote another review of this ep “music is only subjective to a certain point”. there is not an inch of depth to any of their lyrics. if you like it, fine. but recognize that youre infatuated with this “crunk” facade that they present and dont try to convince yourself that they are talented or original. i had to watch the freaxx video three times and then check their myspace video to confirm that they were not a parody group.

  • shodan

    Music appreciation is definitely subjective, to a point. There is something called ineptitude, however. This is nothing more than a calculated cash grab trying to exploit stupid kids. As for the fans of the band posting here, does ONE of you actually know how to spell? In a year, 99% of their fans will be embarassed to admit they used to like them. You know, how suddenly everybody pretended they never liked that piece of shit Limp Bizkit?

  • shodan

    Oh, and in case someone wonders if I am offended. I am not, other than by how bad the music is. I think Anal Cunt and the Mentors are fucking hilarious. You can be “offensive” but still put out good music.

  • Finality

    BrokeNCYDE are not “Amazing”. All you Scene kids may think they are, but the cold, hard truth is that they’re not. They’re not even good. They’re terrible.

    It takes absolutely NO skill to do make the “Music” that they make, granted of course that not everyone’s capable of screaming like that. Use Fruity Loops for a Month and you could easily reconstruct their songs. Their lyrics are shit, no depth, no meaning, no wit.

    All this “Band” is, is a bunch of immature losers that are trying to cash in on cliche’s by mixing them all together to get famous. Only reason why you scene kids took notice of them is because you saw their hair and heard a scream. This is truth. Do not deny it.

    Also, to all the Scene Kids trying to defend them – If you’re gonna attempt to disprove the accusation that you’re all stupid by typing properly, at least learn how to spell and also, what grammar is.

  • Getoverit

    If you’re gonna attempt to disprove the accusation that you’re all stupid by typing properly, at least learn how to spell and also, what grammar is.
    And also, what grammar is.
    Yeah way to go on that one. I do like brokeNCYDE, and I’m not a scene kid and will probably have to urbandictionary that term after this. I know there lyrics arent “inspiration” but I dont really care. I dont listen to them for that, I just like it. A majority of the posters in favor of the band probably arent the smartest, but neither are you. It took you all twice as long to type this post with properly spelling and grammar then it would have without checking for it. When you say these people are “dumb” for abbreviating its probably because typing properly is a waste of time. This is a music website, not your SAT essay. Fighting with eachother online is pointless because no matter how intelligent you try to sound you still arent going to change anyones mind.
    Yes, I did attempt to write this correctly because if I didnt I would just be flamed like everyone else. Now I have forced you to think of a new reason to flame me.
    brokeNCYDE is a band that makes music. That is a fact. I find this catchy enough for me listen too.

  • fred

    the band is unintelligent garbage
    you cant argue that there is anything intelligent or musical about it other than being noise
    what happened to the incredible works of art composed by people like t.s. eliot or robert frost
    ideas that made you think
    it is insulting to believe that i belong to a generation that accepts such trash as art

  • Andrew

    Merzbow would be very upset at the accusations that Brokencyde is noise.

  • tyler h

    this music is bad and if you like it then you should feel bad

  • tony pajamas

    brokencyde is the shittest thing to ever happen to this world i listen to the first fifteen seconds of that one song thats like “get crunk skeet skeet” and i almost threw up honestly. i really hope that i see them walking around at warped tour so i can hit them in the fucking face and knock them out

  • Hailey. :D

    Okay, if you guys are totally dissing a band, then you REALLY should get a life rather than talking SMACK about a band a lot of people HAPPEN to like! I actually like this band, ‘kay? It’s not like I’m going to say ,”Oh, Cannibal Corpse is the worst metal band ever!” because that would be a lie. You probably like Brokencyde, and not telling anyone that you do because it would ruin your “reputation”. And the fact that you think that people would be ashamed to admit that they listened to them, is total BULL. I mean, HOLY SH!T! It’s just music! You should NEVER be ashamed of what you listen/listened to. Get a life, earn to spell, and stop bagging on bands that people happen to like. Take that into consideration when someone disses a band that YOU like. Then you’ll know what it’s like, ‘kay?

  • Hailey. :D

    Oh, and these so called “scene kids” are not dumb. It shouldn’t matter to YOU what people listen to. And that whole “0MG, i LYKK T0T4LLi L0V3 DiSS B4ND!” shit and saying that listening to this band makes you type like that is total bullshit. MUSIC IS MUSIC. Get THAT through your thick heads. Yes, I do realize that i spelt LEARN w/o the L. That’s a typo. xD

  • Ryan

    Actually, scene kids are dumb in the way that they bastardize every genre they come into contact with (i.e. emo, screamo, anything ending in a core). Hell, you assholes even stole the word scene. A scene kid used to be someone that was really into a certain music scene like hardcore or punk, etc..

    Anyways, Brokencyde is probably the worst band ever. The lyrics are terrible, there is no musicianship whatsoever. The screams are weak, and the singing is autotuned. This music sounds like the product of a fat kid making a five minute song with fruity loops and garage band during a break from playing hours of Wow. Grow up and listen to good music like circle takes the square, raein, between the buried and me, or hell even nickleback is better than this garbage.

  • tyler h

    yes, music is music. this isn’t music. its five monkeys clanging symbols. its a circus. a freak show.

  • Vicky

    I almost thought these guys could be entertaining, if fairly bad musically, when I first heard Blue Steel. And then I heard the rest of their songs…

  • wheresmychippy

    I want to go back to the time before they were born and tell their mothers that it would be better to raise the afterbirth rather than the actual baby.

    “Freaxx” belongs on a compilation such as “Songs to Hang by Your Neck to.” or “The 50 Greatest Tracks of All-Time for People with no Personalities.”

    A family of angry badgers living in my scrotum would be better than listening to this.

  • Nick

    Whoever said that shit about ‘if you were a teenager in this time you’d like it too’ is a fucking liar. I am 17 years old and this shit BLOWS! The beats are very simple, sounds like fruity loops. The screams are repetitious and lack any sort of creativity whatsoever. and they’re very weak. the vocals, autotuned the entire time with a weak ass singer with not much for a range. the lyrics, i won’t even go there. and for the musicians…. oh wait, what?

  • Jolie

    I actually don’t know how anyone can listen to this, and I’m pretty tolerable of all sorts of music.

    This is, however, just noise! It’s absolutely horrible and I’m shocked that kids can actually listen to it and enjoy it!

    I can’t even find words to describe how AWFUL it sounds every time my eleven-year-old sister blasts this garbage from her phone. There’s no melody or anything – it’s just a looped drum beat with some moron screaming over the top (and not very well at that).

    My sister’s not particularly intelligent. In fact she does pretty poorly at school. I imagine the rest of this “band”‘s fans share a similar IQ level.

    It’s hilarious because kids are being ripped off for crap they could easily record themselves within a few minutes. They think they’re being “loyal fans” by defending these wankers, but truth is they’re being laughed at by Brokencyde themselves. “We’re earning millions by selling the shit we spent twenty minutes recording in mommy’s basement!”

    I guess if your tiny little brain hasn’t got enough cells to process music, this noise will do perfectly fine.

  • Alexandra

    Thank you James. This band makes my head explode in the worst way. It drives me insane that this crappy CD can be found in Hot Topic. Well, to be fair, Hot Topic sucks now, but still, NO ONE should sell this CD. They shouldn’t even give it out for free. Thinking about this band, their cd, their music, their music video… makes me hurl.

  • Hayley

    I thought you liked the millionaires!

  • Bob

    “Yes, I did attempt to write this correctly because if I didnt I would just be flamed like everyone else. Now I have forced you to think of a new reason to flame me”.

    ” I know there lyrics arent “inspiration” but I dont really care”

    I hate to do it but it’s “Their” :-)

    Yes, this band blows.

    The end.

  • Sam

    This is honestly one of the worst bands I have ever heard. Yes music is music, but this isn’t music. The fact that there are people here defending this atrocity is actually depressing. That this band makes a good amount of money is even more depressing.

  • ok ,i love bc13 dot dot curve:) and all muz!c a long t!m3 ago rock wast exepted either was rap,ur just say!ng waht ppel used to say about that muz!c and i know alot of u probley listen to rock,and meatl and stuff like that,and its really big right know like 60 or 65% of the u s a l!stens to it ,so most likeley in 30 years mabey more krunkcore will be blowing up every k!dz i-pod & radio,or what ever they have then lol,but seriusly just cuz u hate on muz!c ist gonna stop it from getting big,its just gonna get ppel to talk about it,and by talking about it your gonna fine ppel who love it,so if u wanna stop krunkcore dont talk or hate about it i mean come on i thought u said $c3n3 k!dz arent samrt lol DUMBASS hahahahah

  • mezzo

    I find it sociologically interesting that the people posting with the worst spelling and grammar generally like this band and their music.

    Is their target audience illiterate 12 year olds?

    I like all kinds of music, but this stuff is just crap. The auto tune/vocorder thing makes my ears bleed.

  • .Addy.May. :D


    This stuff has truely, truely made me chuckle this morning.

    Thank You to all involed.


  • Gary

    When i first saw the music video for Freaxxx, I was very very confused. I laughed and showed all my friends because it is very funny, then I realized that this is legit and now I have lost all faith in humanity, and will shortly be ending my life

  • Nate

    If I believed in a god, I am sure that listening to this music willingly would be considered an unforgivable sin.

  • GingerJeronimo

    Uh Shuup Brokencyde Are The Best Band Around BC13 Is Sick So Shuup