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Kanye West – 808s and Heartbreak

Band: Kanye West Album: 808s and Heartbreak Genre:  Hip Hop/Pop Label: Roc-A-Fella/G.O.O.D./Def Jam Tracks: 1. Say You Will 2. Welcome To Heartbreak 3. Heartless 4. Amazing 5. Love Lockdown 6. Paranoid 7. RoboCop 8. Street Lights 9. Bad News 10. See You In My Nightmares 11. Coldest Winter The whole idea that the bigger something […]

The Vegas Report – Vignettes

Band: The Vegas Report Album: Vignettes Genre:  Rock/Post Rock Label: Driven Records Tracks: 1. First Snow 2. Ears To The Machine 3. Sunrise 4. Eye Contacts 5. Red Solo Cups 6. Were They Not Patriots Have you ever been to see a movie and afterwards thought something to the extent of, “Man! That movie would […]