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And Hell Followed With – Domain

  Band: And Hell Followed With Album: Domain Genre: Metal Label: Statik Factory Tracks: 1. The End of Prosperity 2. A Throne Enshrouded 3. Serpents Beneath Their Hoods 4. Give Breath To Her Memory 5. An Infestation 6. The Pious, Now Corrupt 7. A Whisper From Sorrow 8. Legendary 9. Consumed By Silence [Part 1] […]

We Phoned Teenage Cool Kids!

  After seeing TCK perform live at The Kickstand in Gainesville, I had to catch up with the boys from Denton, Texas for a Saturday afternoon conference. Teenage Cool Kids @ The Kickstand during THE FEST 7   Billy T of UTG: Ok! Go ahead and introduce yourselves and tell me what you do in […]

Dustin Kensrue – The Good Night Is Still Everywhere

Band: Dustin Kensrue Album: The Good Night Is Still Everywhere Genre: Acoustic/Christmas/Covers Label: Vagrant Tracks: 1. Christmas [Baby Please Come Home] 2. Christmas Blues 3. Blue Christmas 4. Fairytale of New York 5. The Good Night Is Still Everywhere 6. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing 7. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel 8. God Rest You Merry, […]

Haste The Day – Dreamer

Band: Haste The Day Album: Dreamer Genre: Hard Rock Label: Solid State Tracks: 1. 68 2. Mad Man 3. Haunting 4. Resolve 5. An Adult Tree 6. Babylon 7. Invoke Reform  8. Sons of the Fallen Nation 9. Labyrinth 10. Porcelain 11. Autumn   Oh, Haste the Day, you can do no wrong. With your already accessible fast […]

Show Review – Girl Talk!

Girl Talk Tuesday November 11th, 2008 Crofoot – Pontiac, MI   I feel the need to start this review off with a short message about concert etiquette. I feel that people may have forgotten some fundamentals. I have never before been to a venue that decided to serve glass bottles of beer at a sold […]

A Cursive Memory – Changes

Band: A Cursive Memory Album: Changes Genre: Powerpop Label: Vagrant Tracks: 1. South  2. Everything  3. Changes  4. Perfect Company  5. Bank  6. Lions  7. The Piano Song  8. Tonight Lites  9. All the Weak  10. A Different Kind Of Love  11. Believe  12. Figure It Out  Driving around with the convertible roof down and […]

Jeffree Star – Cupcakes Taste Like Violence

  Band: Jeffree Star Album: Cupcakes Taste Like Violence Genre: Powerpop/Electronica Label: Popsicle Records Tracks: 1. Miss Boombox 2. Lollipop Luxury 3. Cupcakes Taste Like Violence 4. Picture Perfect 5. So Fierce 6. Heart Surgery [UVEV Remix] For the first time in UTG history, I’m at a loss of words when it comes to an […]

Taylor Swift – Fearless

  Band: Taylor Swift Album: Fearless Genre: Pop/Country Label: Big Machine Tracks: 1. Fearless 2. Fifteen 3. Love Story 4. Hey Stephen 5. White Horse 6. You Belong To Me 7. Breathe 8. Tell Me Why 9. You’re Not Sorry 10. The Way I Loved You 11. Forever and Always 12. The Best Day 13. […]

A Hero A Fake – Volatile

Band: A Here A Fake Album: Volatile Genre: Metal Label: Victory Tracks: 1. Superwoman 2. El Gigante 3. Un Bienvenido Descano [interlude 1] 4. Just Another Number 5. Altered Beast 6. F-16 7. Medieval 8. I Know I 9. Sinfonia [interlude 2] 10. Terminal 11. Burden When it comes to labels that are big, but […]

Bring Me The Horizon – Suicide Season

Band: Bring Me The Horizon Album: Suicide Season Genre: Metal/Brocore Label: Epitaph [US] Tracks: 1. The Comedown 2. Chelsea Smile 3. It Was Written In Blood 4. Death Breath 5. Football Season is Over 6. Sleep With One Eye Open 7. Diamonds Aren’t Forever 8. The Sadness Will Never End 9. No Need For Introductions, […]

We Interviewed Flatfoot 56!

Last week James had a chance to call Tobin from Flatfoot 56 and see what the working class irish punks were up to…Here’s what they had to say: UTG: How are you today? F56: Good, just driving down to Gainesville, FL. UTG: I’m told you’re in the beginning stages of a pretty large scale tour, […]

Funeral For A Friend – Memory and Humanity

  Band: Funeral For A Friend Album: Memory and Humanity Genre: Rock Label: Victory [US] Tracks: 1. Rules and Games 2. To Die Like Mouchette 3. Kicking and Screaming 4. Constant Illuminations 5. Maybe I Am? 6. You Can’t See The Forest For The Wolves 7. Building 8. Beneath The Burning Tree 9. Someday The […]