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ATTN: Michigan Visitors to UTG!

For those of you unaware, Skelletones, the all ages venue in Grand Rapids, Michigan will be closing this January after years of service to the Michigan scene. One of the last shows ever to be held at Skelletones is taking place tomorrow night and we want to see ALL OF YOU THERE! Our dearly beloved […]

The Riot Before – Fists Buried in Pockets

Band: The Riot Before Album: Fists Buried in Pockets Genre: Indie Punk Rock Label: Say-10 Tracks: 1. Fists Buried in Pockets 2. Threat Level Midnight 3. 5 To 9 4. You Can’t Sexy Dance To Punk Rock 5. I Have My Books 6. They Rode On In The Friscalating Dusklight 7. We Are Wild Stallions […]