Vans Warped Tour 2007 [DVD]


Band: Various

Title: Vans Warped Tour 2007: Tour Compilation

Genre: Live Show/Interview

Release: 12/2/08

Distributor: Image Entertainment

For the majority of the UTG staff, Warped Tour is honestly like summer camp. We only get to go once [sometimes twice] a year, we have a ton of fun, make memories that last years, get sunburned, and never want to go back home. It’s practically become a right of passage for younger generations who claim they know what “punk rock” is [or the heinous creature it has become]. However, I’m not sure if the latest dvd compilation of the longest running traveling festival does it the justice it deserves.

After 13 years of rocking America with bands like Blink 182, Sublime, No Doubt, Kid Rock. Eminem, The Used, Rancid, Nofx, and others, the performance side of the dvd really lacks in the power section. There are about 11 bands and 22 performances on the disc, some in the “film” and others in bonus features, but they are very hit and miss. I think the problem isn’t always the music, but the sheer popularity of the bands featured. I’m all for giving you a taste of all the sounds you can find, but Fishbone and Pepper aren’t really going to be the selling points of this disc for most. In addition to that, Avenged Sevenfold’s video is just a reminder of what happens when good things go horribly awry. I will add that Circa Survive, Chiodos, The Starting Line, and Killswitch Engage do have some awesome clips, but there’s something so static about they way they were filmed that it doesn’t make an impression on the viewer as much as simply making you go, “wow, that looks nifty.”

The other half of the disc and the majority of the “film” is dedicated to video interviews and random snippets of the ludicrous lifestyle that Warped bands experience. This is where the real gold was for me as you get to see some bands in a new light once the “stage attitude” is gone. For instance, watching Anthony Green and friends joke about drunk pranks is so far from how his music portrays him that your swept up in the experience. In all honesty, I wish the whole film was this style of a documentary with shorter music clips. The problems comes when you have 3 minutes of solid interviews/clips and then a 7 minute song that just takes you completely out of the disc.

I hate to say negative things about the festival that’s given me so much, but the 2007 Warped comp. dvd just doesn’t live up to the festival itself. Not that it ever could. but it could come a lot closer in my opinion. Some more editing needs to be done and these videos will be 10x more enjoyable. As it stands right now, it’s fun the first time, but I don’t see why anyone would watch this more than once. Sorry Kevin Lyman, you still have our hearts, but we just can’t follow you with this one.

*Written By: James Shotwell*
Grade: 5.5/10

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