Under The Gun Review Presents: Building A Better Scene Volume 1!

It’s here! The very first UTG Sampler! Below you will find a link to download our brand new, 20 track sampler featuring some of the hottest artists you need to know in 2009. There is everything from Post Rock to Acoustic, to Punk, to straight up Grindcore below so download and enjoy!


 1. The War Came Home – Lights at Sea

[from the Lights At Sea demo]

2. O’ Tide – Giants [Cavity Records]
[From “Old Stories”]

3. The Frontal Lobe A-Go-Go – Charles the Osprey
[from “Belongings” ]

4. Ride The Tide – Native [Sargent House Records]
[from the self released EP]

5. Summer Love Lost in Fall – Here In Theory
[From “So Far So Good”]

6. Fresh Won’t Define – Represent!
[From “The Dive Right In EP” ]

7. Girlfriend Application – Secret Secret Dino Club
[from “Up To No Good” ]

8. Nordic – Nemes
[from “865 EP”]

9. Little Things You Break – 12 Summers Old
[from “This Could Get Dangerous”]

10. Dance Off – The Judgment of Paris
[From “The Shenanigans Demo”

11. Aeterna Veritas – Blues [1912 Records]
[From “Heavy Sci-Fi”]

12. Call To The Comptroller’s Office – Bridge and Tunnel [No Idea Records]
[from “East/West”]

13. Damaged Goods – La Dispute [No Sleep Records]
[from “Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River Between Altair and Vega”]

14. Heartbeats Like Light Speed – Victor! Fix The Sun
[from “retractable claws”]

15. The Two Armed Man – EATMEWHILEIMHOT
[from “All My Friends”]

16. Attack of the Flower Monster – Siren The Escape
[from “Siren The Escape”]

17. Clairty – If He Dies He Dies [Friction Records]
[from “The Rise…The Fall”]

18. Give Breath To Her Memory – And Hell Followed With [Statik Factory Records]
[from “Domain”]

19. Burt Reynolds – Fire On The Plains [Roam The River Records]
[from “Burning All Bridges”]

20. Cheyne-Stokes – Chelsea Grin [Statik Factory Records]
[from “Cheslea Grin”]

Download Link: 

*Written By: James Shotwell*

James Shotwell

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