Too Pure To Die – Confess

Band: Too Pure To Die
Album: Confess
Genre: Hardcore / Metal
Label: Trustkill Records


1.  Confess
2. My Vow
3. Gotham City
4. Can I Live
5. Saving Grace
6. One True Thing
7. Define Irony
8. Rock Bottom
9. Omerta
10.  Trial
11.  Find My Way


Alright so Too Pure To Die is a straightedge Hardcore band from Iowa. They are currently signed with Trustkill records and have released 2 albums prior to Confess. These guys are not quite a household name or anywhere near that currently but they work extremely hard and show extreme talent during live performances.

So when I first turned on Confess, I was extremely disappointed. I saw Too Pure To Die about ½ a year ago and was majorly impressed and started listening to them a little bit. I never got way into them, but their older stuff was much better. The major reason that I didn’t much care for this album is that it just seems to lack a great song. The Song’s on this album aren’t terrible or even bad, more just average and bland. There just isn’t much variety.

On a good note this album has a few songs that are mildly better then the other ones. One track was the third track on this album, “Gotham City”. After just watching The Dark night a few days prior to really sitting down and listening to this album, the track name really caught my attention. Luckily I noted the song name, and listened to it quite a few times. Now this track has quite a few really catchy guitar riffs throughout. The vocals actually seem to vary in tempo at times, and are catchy…unlike most of the other tracks. The drums seem to pound the way through this track setting the pace with some nice double bass usage.

Another track that was pretty alright was “My Vow”. The thing that first caught my attention in this song was the good double bass patterns. The lyrics were also pretty catchy and there was more singing than the somewhat annoying and bland lead vocals. The guitars in this song were pretty good and got somewhat technical at some points.

If you are a Too Pure To Die fan and haven’t heard this album yet, you might be a little bit disappointed. The album seemed like it was thrown together kind of quickly and it really lacked a good hit song. The tracks were bland and seemed pretty thrown together. I was left extremely disappointed after hearing this new album.

*Written By: Danny Weiss*
Grade: 3.5/10

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