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In Fear and Faith – Your World on Fire

  Band: In Fear and Faith Album: Your World on Fire Genre: Metal/Hardcore Label: Rise Tracks: 1. Intro 2. Pirates…The Sequel 3. Your World on Fire 4. The Taste of Regret 5. The End 6. The Road To Hell Is Paved with Good Intentions 7. You Already Know You’re A Goner 8. Live Love Die […]

Meaghan Smith – The Cricket’s Quartet

Band: Meaghan Smith Album: The Cricket’s Quartet Genre: Folk/Jazz/Big Band Label: Sire Tracks: 1. Drifted Apart 2. If You Asked Me 3. A Little Love 4. I Know Tell your great grandparents to bust out their dancing shoes because big band/swing/jazz sounds are making quite the comeback as of late. Amy Winehouse took it very […]