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Check This Out!

This is a commercial for the Battle of Art and Music competition hosted by Cavalry Records. We are sponsoring the contest and hope all of our band members and creative types will submit their songs and designs. We’ll keep you updated on the happenings and will be featuring the eventual winners. *Written By: James […]

New Music Video – Hit The Lights – “Drop The Girl”

After releasing one of the best reviewed album on UTG of all last year, Hit The Lights hit the road and have yet to let up except to work on bringing us a brand new music video. The last video from this album [for the song, “Stay Out”] recieved a lot of MTVU attention, but […]

Live Report – Where’s The Band? Tour

1-22-09 Michigan State University Union Ballroom East Lansing, MI It’s rare that my musical dreams come true. You know the ones where you sit around with friends and make up epic concerts you wish you had a chance to see? Well my friends, keep dreaming, because you never know what just might come true […]

Jason Reeves -The Magnificent Adventures of Heartache (And Other Frightening Tales)

  Band: Jason Reeves Album: The Magnificent Adventures of Heartache Genre: Acoustic/Folk Pop Label: ABeautifulArmyofTrees Tracks: 1. Someone Somewhere 2. Your Happy Accident 3. You In a Song 4. Reaching 5. Pretty Eyes 6. Entwined 7. Sunbeam Lights 8. Never Find Again 9. New Hampshire 10. Old Fashioned Letters 11.  Just Friends 12. The Fragrant […]