Jason Reeves -The Magnificent Adventures of Heartache (And Other Frightening Tales)


Band: Jason Reeves
Album: The Magnificent Adventures of Heartache
Genre: Acoustic/Folk Pop
Label: ABeautifulArmyofTrees

1. Someone Somewhere
2. Your Happy Accident
3. You In a Song
4. Reaching
5. Pretty Eyes
6. Entwined
7. Sunbeam Lights
8. Never Find Again
9. New Hampshire
10. Old Fashioned Letters
11.  Just Friends
12. The Fragrant Taste of Rain
13. Gasoline
14. The end
15. Hearts Are Magnets

It’s been a few years sense an amazing singer/songwriter broke through. We had James Blunt, but that fell through and before that there was Jason Mraz and John Mayer. Those two are still going strong, but new coming artists of late [Never Shout Never for example], just haven’t been on par. However, there is a newcomer by the name of Jason Reeves about to make his move. His album, The Magnificent Adventures of Heartache, is quite an impressing debut with a lot signs that point toward a bright future.

Where most newcomers in the music have been relying on digital effects and synth, Reeves is taking us back to a more organic sound. From the initial, “Someone Somewhere,” your given a simple and beautiful sound that takes it’s time to build and become full as well as complex. Where, You In a Song,” a personal favorite of mine, sounds like the romantic track of the year. It’s simple acoustic pop, but there’s a near hispanic flavor to the chorus that just sets it one fire. The instrument rarely falters and the it all seems done with no desire to be a slow or quick artist. No, Reeves continues to exude that he’s doing things his way and if that’s the case, he is in store for quite a bit of fame. Outside of structure, the sheer sound also adds a lot to the final result. It’s not peaked out across the board, but more sounding like your in a group of friends or a teen comedy montage scene. It’s just simple and refreshing.

I think there’s something to be said about Reeve’s vocals as well. His overall style seems to be a lot more old fashioned than many recent acts. This isn’t a loose youthful voice, is something with a hint of funk like Mraz or Mayer, no Reeves is more down to Earth. Like the “way to talented to be playing open mics” people you catch every now and then. One of those guys you always got their chance, but for Reeves, he is getting that chance.  Tracks like, “New Hampshire,” and, “Just Friends,” just spill “boy next door” appeal. There’s no barrier in Reeve’s sound that makes you think he takes any of the industry seriously. You can feel the passion and it makes for a truly enjoyable record.

The Magnificent Adventures of Heartache os a glimmer of hope in the pop world. Outside of pro tools vocal tuning and synth laced digital beats, Jason Reeves is a paving a fresh path for pop music. There’s something heartwarming on Heartache that the music industry has been needing, let’s just hope they are willing to except Reeves. If the don’t, the world will have missed out on one truly stunning musician. 

*Written By: James Shotwell*
Grade: 8.5/10

James Shotwell

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