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Support Our Friends! – William Control

Wil Francis [of Aiden fame] released a solo album not too long ago. We premiered the video right here on UTG and now I present to you his video for, “Deathclub (Remix),” from the upcoming Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. We don’t know if the movie will be good, but if you have a chance, definitely […]

Joey Cape – Bridge

  Band: Joey Cape Album: Bridge Genre: Folk/Punk Label: Suburban Home Tracks: 1. Errands 2. We’re Not In Love Anymore 3. B-Side 4. Who We’ve Become 5. Memoirs and Landmines 6. The Ramones are Dead 7. No Little Pill 8. Mission Unaccomplished 9. Non Sequitur 10. Gun It. No, Don’t 11. Home Joey Cape, of […]

Save The Industry – THURSDAY – Common Existence

This is a new weekly feature we’re going to run on the site. Each week, we’ll pick an upcoming release we feel you need to buy ASAP. It’s called SAVE THE INDUSTRY because pirates and bloggers are taking huge chunks out of what could be money to feed bands and keep labels open. We at […]

Elsewhere in the Entertainment World

UTG is proudly endorsing Stephen Lynch for Comedy Central’s Last Comic Standing. Stephen will be featured on the site multiple times in the coming months and we want to help him get as much coverage as humanly possible. He’s known to many as “the singing comedian,” but has also starred in the Broadway adaptation of […]


Band: LeATHERMOUTH Album: XO Genre: Hardcore/Punk Label: Epitaph Tracks: 1. 5th Period Massacre 2. Catch Me If You Can 3. This Song Is About Being Attacked By Monsters 4. I Am Going To Kill The President of The United States of America 5. Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me 6. Sunsets Are For […]

Antagonist – Exist

Band: Antogonist Album: Exist Genre: Metal Label: Prosthetic Tracks: 1. Bomb Shelter 2. Exist 3. Amnesia Ln 4. Marana 5. Failure on Repeat 6. Immaculate Misconception 7. Final Words For an Unknown Friend 8. Angels 9. Awake 10. So Let It Rain Oh boy, we may be in trouble here. It seems we have a […]

Becoming The Archetype – Dichotomy

  Band: Becoming The Archetype Album: Dichotomy Genre: Metal Label: Solid State Tracks: 1. Mountain of Souls 2. Dichotomy 3. Artificial Immortality 4. Self Existent 5. St. Anne’s Lullaby 6. Ransom 7. Evil Unseen 8. How Great Thou Art 9. Deep Heaven 10. End of The Age It seems that winter is always the perfect […]

Catching Up With Our Friends: See You Next Tuesday

  Our dear friends in See You Next Tuesday are in Europe for the next month and then some, but so that we don’t miss them too much in the states, they’ve started a video blog! The first update can be found below:   *Written By: James Shotwell*

Secret Secret Dino Club – Up To No Good

  Band: Secret Secret Dino Club Album: Up To No Good Genre: Pop-hop Label: Unsigned Tracks: 1. Wordup 2. Girlfriend Application 3. What’s Up Ladies? 4. Birthday Bash 5. Party Time 6. Dot Com 7. Get That Money 8. My Perfect Ending 9. Chickenheadz Oh the things a compute, a pen, paper, guitar, and a […]

Idols Are Dead – Mean

  Band: Idols Are Dead Album: Mean Genre: Metal/Hardcore Label: Scarlet Tracks: 1. This Is Not The End 2. Let’s Do It 3. Dance With The Devil 4. Pain For Sale  5. Dirt 6. It’s So Easy 7. The Name of My Rage 8. Proud To Be Sick 9. Twiggy Italy has spent the last […]

In Fear and Faith – Your World on Fire

  Band: In Fear and Faith Album: Your World on Fire Genre: Metal/Hardcore Label: Rise Tracks: 1. Intro 2. Pirates…The Sequel 3. Your World on Fire 4. The Taste of Regret 5. The End 6. The Road To Hell Is Paved with Good Intentions 7. You Already Know You’re A Goner 8. Live Love Die […]

Meaghan Smith – The Cricket’s Quartet

Band: Meaghan Smith Album: The Cricket’s Quartet Genre: Folk/Jazz/Big Band Label: Sire Tracks: 1. Drifted Apart 2. If You Asked Me 3. A Little Love 4. I Know Tell your great grandparents to bust out their dancing shoes because big band/swing/jazz sounds are making quite the comeback as of late. Amy Winehouse took it very […]