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Save Music Videos! – As Tall As Lions [Valentine’s Day Edition!]

Indie rockers As Tall As Lions released this video about a year ago, but the song is still amazing and fits perfect with the corporate themed holiday we’re celebrating today. Hit play and dance with your significant other! *Written By: James Shotwell*  

Guest Blog Part 2! – Arise and Ruin’s Ben Alexis!

Sometimes we at UTG want to hear more from our friends than our own critical minds. So, when the opportunity arises, we give said friends a place to share their thoughts that isn’t on a stage or matched up for guitars and drums. This week, we bring you the second blog from Arise and Ruin’s […]

Goblin Cock – Come With Me If You Want To Live

Band: Goblin Cock Album: Come With Me If You Want To Live Genre: Metal Label: Robcore Records Track Listing: 1. Hissless 2. Loch 3. Big Up Your Willies 4. We Got A Bleeder 5. Ode To Billy Jack 6. Beneath The Valley Of The Island Of Misfit Toys 7. Haint 8. Mylar 9. Tom’s Song […]