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Following the video of the day yesterday, we’d like to make you aware of a product that we keep around the [UTG] offices…

It’s been near 2 months since this product first came into our world,  but it could be 2 years and I’m sure we’d feel the same way. Being based out of a college world, the very idea of a portable pong table was amusing to say the least. most of us were use to poorly kept pieces of plywood on top of chairs in cellars, not cup holding, legit length tables that can go anywhere.

A small box arrived shortly after requesting a preview copy of Port-O-Pong and I eagerly awaited our first game. The night finally came in the form of a friend’s birthday and I wasted no time tearing into the box. Each set comes with the table, but no pump for it, a carrying bag, and of course instructions. The carrying bag is overly handy, but still the lack of a pump got me. It takes a lot of hot air to fill up a six foot table, but it did not bother me too much. After locating about five dollars to cover cups and balls, the game was on. The table’s design makes it great for balancing on a single stool, or two chairs, which makes it’s usage rate climb like no one’s business. No longer did we need to find a bunch of supplies for a night of pong, we jsut needed a single stool and some open room. Life made simpler is key to business and this fulfills that tenfold.

In terms of gameplay, Port-O-Pong works perfectly. I will say that bouncing is near impossible with the vinyl table design, but how often doe sthat really work in gameplay anyhow? The length is just right and the predetermined cup holder placement makes for no arguments over set up. It’s great.

2 months in and I can tell you I’ve not been this impressed with a game or game board in years. The design and intent of Port-O-Pong are fully realized in the actual use of the device and the price has been kept affordable for college students. Port-O-Pong is a must for college students and I believe people will start to realize that the more the product becomes known. Whether your a true gamer or someone who finds it as a social tool, Port-O-Pong needs to be part of your life.

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*Written By: James Shotwell*

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