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P.O.S. – Never Better

Band: P.O.S. Album: Never Better Genre: Rap Label: Rhymesayers Tracks: 1. Let It Rattle 2. Drumroll 3. Savion Glover 4. Purexed 5. Graves 6. Goodbye 7. Get Smokes 8. Been Afraid 9. Low Light Low Life 10. The Basics 11. Out Of Category 12. Optimist 13. Terrorish 14. Never Better 15. The Brave and The […]

Podcast! Victory!

Some of our closest family in the music industry, Victory Records, has a new podcast out and we’re posting it here for your viewing pleasure – enjoy! *Written By: James Shotwell*

The Wonder Years/All Or Nothing – Distances

  Band: The Wonder Years/All Or Nothing Album: Distance [SPLIT] Genre: Pop Punk Label: No Sleep Tracks: 1. An Elegy for Baby Blue – TWY 2. Don’t Open The Fridge – TWY 3. I’m Not Being Rude, But I Could Have Had Your Job – AON 4. Summer Vacation in Providence – AON 5. This […]

Within The Ruins – Creature

Band: Within The Ruins Album: Creature Genre: Hard-Metal-Core Label: Victory Tracks: 1. The Book of Books 2. Arsenal 3. Dig A Ditch 4. Call Off The Wedding 5. Extinguish Them 6. Jump Ship 7. Creature 8. Tractor Pull 9. Holy Mess 10. Victory Victory is metal, well, for the most part. Sure, there’s the stellar […]

Save Music Videos! – Lady Sovereign

Make way for the [return of] S-O-V! *Written By: James Shotwell*  

School Boy Humor – School Boy Humor

Band: School Boy Humor Album: School Boy Humor Genre: Pop Rock Label: Vagrant Tracks: 1. Paint Me Envy 2. Camera Shy 3. Turn It Up 4. Please Stand Up 5. Good To Meet You 6. This Is Your Life 7. Cheating Myself 8. Don’t Look Back 9. This World 10. Everyone Who Breathes 11. Let’s […]

Don’t Forget The Contest!

Whisteria Cottage – Heathen

Band: Whisteria Cottage Album: Heathen Genre: Death Metal/Metalcore Label: Statik Factory Tracks: 1. Pathology Of Our Existence 2. Human Disfigurement 3. Confined 4. Failure To Succeed 5. Baled To Death 6. Enticement 7. Devour Thy Throne 8. Heathen 9. Your Cremation, Our Reclamation 10. A Misconception 11. Your Broadcast Is Interrupted Whisteria Cottage is an […]

Music Stream – New Found Glory: Listen To Your Friends

Here’s the brand new single from New Found Glory from their upcoming album Not Without A Fight being release in March on Epitaph Records. [audio:03 Listen To Your Friends.mp3] Look for more from them soon! Writen By: Danny Weiss

Save Music Videos! – Thursday

We just reviewed the killer Common Existence record that Thursday released this week and now we have a video for the lead single. Can life get any better? *Written By: James Shotwell*  

Our Friends CONTINUE To Write Such Lovely Things

  Our good friend Chris Hansen [not the Dateline NBC guy] owns No Sleep Records, home of La Dispute, The Wonder Years, and more. He just posted a very informative and funny blog regarding THE DESTRUCTION OF MUSIC AS WE KNOW IT. Here’s a taste: I have lost complete respect for various labels that I […]

Save Music Videos! – Morrissey

You know what? Forget about jsut saving music videos, Morrissey is saving music. We’ve yet to post our review of his new album, Years of Refusal, but rest assured it’s one of the best albums of the past 3 years. Having paved the way for the entire emo movement with The Smiths, Morrissey is still […]