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The Forecast – Alive For The First Time

Artist: The Forecast Album: Alive For The First Time Genre: Rock Label: Unsigned Tracks: 1. Say You Miss Me 2. A Better Man 3. May You One Day [Carry Me Home] (acoustic) 4. And We All Return To Our Roots (acoustic) 5. You Wreck Me [Cover] To say I was heartbroken when The Forecast parted […]

Save Music Videos! Sky Eats Airplane

A lot of the [UTG] staff loves this band, but I’m still undecided. Your thoughts? *Posted By: James Shotwell*

Watchout! There’s Ghosts – Ghost Town

Artist: Watchout! There’s Ghosts Album: Ghost Town Genre: Dance Rock Label: Rise Big or small, there are always those new and upcoming bands that push the entire music scene forward. This electronic, experimental, and progressive blend of music intrigued me to wonder who will continue this duo’s work through being an inspired listener and musician. […]