First Impressions: Family Force 5 – Dance or Die With a Vengeance

First Impressions is a segment where we let you into our early thoughts on a highly anticipated album, This week, we have our early views on Family Force 5’s Dance or Die With A Vengeance . It drops May 19th.


I’m at a crossroads with this release. I love Family Force 5, but as history has proven, I hate  remix album. However, if there ever was an album to be remixed, Dance Or Die would probably be the most popular choice. Every song on the initial record had such solid beat use that you just knew the ability to manipulate it was through the roof. Apparently, someone a bit higher than us agreed and now we have Dance or Die with a Vengeance. Over the course of fourteen tracks, thirteen being remixes, we’re given a dance overload that shoots straight through your ears and enters your bloodstream at high velocity. Each remix comes from a various person in the scene, some of which being from 3oh3 and Cobra Starship. The one non remix, entitled, “Ghost Ride The Whip,” shows the boys in FF5 pilling a southern rap move and throwing out one of the most ludicrous and heavy tracks they’ve ever done. I’ve only had the disc for a few days, but I think this may be the first remix album worth your money. Seriously.

James Shotwell

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