Weekly 5: April 22nd, 2009

With the new UTG 3.0 has come some  new features. We have the forums and editor’s blog, but we also have some new FEATURES we will be bringing over time. First up, there is the WEEKLY FIVE. Each week, the staff at [UTG] will be picking a topic to do a top 5 list on, if you agree or disagree with us, feel free to let us know in the comments or on our forums.

This Week: Top Five Classic Post Hardcore Music Videos

number-5#5. “Ride The Wings of Pestilence” by: From First To Last
This dark, violent track and video launched the band into full blown scene stardom and showed the scene that just because you were upset didn’t mean you had to cry about it. You could get even or better yet, one up them.

4. “Smashed Into Pieces” by: Silverstein
This is one of the first breakthroughs for the Canadian music scene that had been tip toeing into America. Riding the wave of Victory stars that exploded in the young Millennium, Silverstein was able to quickly scale the ranks of the genre and are now four albums deep in a very prosperous career that has them still sticking to these roots.

3. “Reinventing Your Exit” by: Underoath
This video, accompanied by the album They’re Only Chasing Safety, solidified Underoath as a force to be reckoned with in the music scene. However, it also brought a new audience to the world of heavy Christian music. Other bands, such as Haste The Day, Zao, etc. had broken the barriers in the past, but this song/video through the doors wide open.

2. “The Taste of Ink” by: The Used
Say what you will about the band’s newer releases, but their self titled debut took the scene by storm. Every track seemed to have the potential to be a hit and most were. However, it is this video that was truly the launching pad for their careers and brought a lot of radio listeners [#19 on Billboard Rock charts in the US] and bystanders to the scene inside to find a whole new world of music.

1. “My Darkest Hour” by: Scary Kids Scaring Kids
I know we threw a bit of a curve ball following all this mega selling bands with one that’s a bit smaller, but size doesn’t factor into this list. Where other videos on our countdown showed us we could get even, be artistic with our feelings, or just rock out, Scary Kids Scaring Kids shows us that it’s possible to have fun with this genre. So much hate is given to this world of straightened bangs and skinny jeans that a lot of the fun seems absent and replaced with anger, pain, or rage. This video throws all the lyrical statements aside and just has fun with the music, which to us, is most important of all.

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  • scary kids scaring kids? hell yes. that is one of my favorite videos of all time.

  • Jacques Dix

    scary kids scaring kids…. great job there, they owned that video.