Live Report: Gwen Stacy/Eyes Set To Kill/Motionless in White/Belle Epoque

Gwen Stacy
Mixtape Venue, Grand Rapids, MI


This is Family, This is Tour rolled through Grand Rapids, MI last week and we were there to catch all the breakdowns and scene kids our eyes could take. Held at the Mixtape Venue [ex-Skelletones], a crowd of about 75 showed up to throwdown.

Belle Epoque: Kicking the tour portion of the night [following a local opener UTG missed] was Texas’ Belle Epoque. Personally, I’d never heard of them, but with a vocalist wearing a shirt from The Chariot, I was willing to lend them an ear. To describe their sound I would ask you to funnel 80% of the solos off of a LoveHateHero record and you’ve got this group. The vocals were clean and everything seemed to fall into place, but I couldn’t help, but be turned away by the lyrics. You’re easily 23, I doubt your eyes are “weak from worry” or any other realm of 13 yr. old female emotions. The group seemed like a solid band that sold out lyrically, but I’d need to investigate further for a real review [stay tuned!].

Motionless In White: Someone call Alesana, this group has stolen their looks. Coming on stage 6 men strong, all in black, with tight jeans and studded belts, I was instantly turned away from Motionless in White. It was like a bad ad for Hot Topic. However, once the group started, there was something, although not that original to be heard. Blending hardcore with punk ethos, I found their to be some very promising sounds coming from this act. Though I must say, if your keyboard player is only their to dance and play reverberated synth chords – get an ipod.

Eyes Set To Kill: To me, the main event of the night. Hailing from Arizona, this act is about to release their Sophomore record next Month and if the new tracks they played live are any sign, it’s going to come out the gate swinging. Mixing beautiful female vocals with throat searing screams. I will say, outside the male vocalist [there is one of each sex], the group seemed a bit dead on stage. However, it is the 2nd night of tour and they drove from Arizona.

Gwen Stacy: Now, each band that played on this night had breakdowns, but I’m pretty sure the appeal of Gwen Stacy is that they basically play nothing but breakdowns. Every track seems finely orchestrated around chugs and blast beats or empty cymbal/snare hits. The group played very well and mixed their Ferret debut with a scattering of old tracks. Kids through down and twenty somethings shouted the lyrics, ending the night with high spirits and sweaty brows. Well done boys, well done.

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