Method Man & Redman – Lights Out [Mixtape]

lights-outArtist: Method Man & Redmand & DJ Green Lantern
Album: Lights Out [Mixtape]
Genre: Hip Hop

It’s been a decade since a landmark record in the hip hop game was released. That record? Blackout, which was released by the duo of MEthod Man & Redman. Yes, the same duo that brought you the stoner classic, How High. Now, both artists had/have solid careers on their own, but there’s something about the combination of the two that has proven explosive and to promote the May 19th release of Blackout 2 they teamed up with DJ Green Lantern to bring you and us, Lights Out.

Due to the large amount of music we get at UTG, it’s hard to always listen to classic records, but lucky for me the Lights Out mixtape got out and I was able to fade back to middle school James who thought he knew a thing or two about music. Having grown quite a bit since then, I was curious if the flow of Meth & Red would still hit like it did before, and it did. Hard. Skipping the pointless introduction that basically says what I did in the introducory paragraph, “Dangerous MCs,” busts out with a solid throwback beat and verses from each artist that reminds you why you love them. Redman totally takes the cake early on in this mixtape, but Method still has it as well. An appearance from Saukrates makes “A Yo” an instantly approachable track. It’s just radio ready [minus the vocal sample in the middle].

Meth then takes the reins on, “Well All Rite Cha.” It’s like he picked right up with Tikal 2000 left off back at the turn of the millenium. In addition to these, “The Rockwilder,” a throwback to the last Blackout as well as “4 Minutes to Lock Down” keeps the fire coming throughout the release.

There is a downside though, but it’s one that comes with nearly every mixtape and that’s throw away tracks. “How High,” for instance, is near worthless. I mean the old school beat is appealing, but as it gets going, you get bored quite quickly. Also, the interlude, which is useless on nearly every record ever, is passable on every listen.

It may have been a decade, but Method Man & Redman have still got it. Not only do they still got it, they’ve evolved and are stronger and more ferocious than last time before. There’s been too many throwaway hip hop records this year and if this mixtape is any sign, Blackout 2 will change that. Regardless, this is one tape you’re going to want to keep close for awhile to come.

Score: 9/10

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