The A-B Theory – Illusions

a-b-theoryArtist: The A-B Theory
Album: Illusions
Genre: electro pop
Label: Unsigned

If Playradioplay and The Postal Service got dirty, the result would be The A-B Theory. This electro pop act has recently won the Cavalry Records contest that we here at UTG sponsored and his new EP, Illusions stands as solid reasoning for his victory. This melancholy blend of synth and true life storytelling, we’re taken on a journey we haven’t quite been given before and it’s one you’re sure to enjoy.

I know it seems like there has been a huge array of electronic based acts coming out in the past year or so, but that’s only because the labels are realizing the kind of money that can be made of an act that doesn’t need to pay for tons of gear, stage crew, etc. The A-B Theory, who will not be unsigned for very long, kicks off the new EP with, “Tell Me How Colorado Is,” a depressing tune with upbeat instrumentation that will send any Postal Service fan head over heels instantaneously. The vocals are angelic and the tale is dark, it’s artistic perfection. Then, on, “Ataraxia” we are given a more dance infused, a-la PlayRadioPlay! style electropop that works quite well. The story of young love that’s woven under quick high hat, light piano, and throbbing bass is one I’m sure many will be able to relate to. It’s almost as if this genre has become the newest form of true poetry. You don’t need rhymes consistantly or even strong hooks, but rather emotion and storytelling which is extactly what this track has to offer. In addition, a track familiar to anyone who downloaded our summer sampler, “Fatal Flaw Attraction,” offers yet another dark track that’s reminiscent of early Conor Oberst. The visuals are near haunting and the whisper like vocals only help to emphasize this thought. Add an acoustic rendition of the opener and you’ve got a lo-fi electropop soundtrack to a summer spent in the rain.

To be honest, I’d never heard of A-B Theory until the contest winners were announced, but now I feel like a fool. This isn’t some diamond in the rough, but rather a shining jewel lost in the woods of unsigned obscurity. There’s a career to be made and Illusions is just the EP to do.

Score: 8/10

James Shotwell

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