Yo Gotti – 5 Star Chef Review

Artist: Yo Gotti00-yo_gotti-5_star_chef-bootleg-2009-cover

Album: 5 Star Chef (Mixtape)

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Label: J Records


1. Lions (World Premiere)

2. How To Do It

3. Pacman

4. Boom Boom Clap

5. Stan

6. Ain’t I

7. Ridiculous (Remix) (featuring Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman and Lonny Mack)

8. Five Star Chef

9. Easy (World Premiere)

10. I’m Get You (World Premiere)

11. Birthday Sex (World Premiere)

12. Woman Lie (World Premiere)

13. Five Star

14. She Fine (World Premiere)

15. Standing In The Kitchen (World Premiere)

16. Err Chance (featuring Drumma Boy)


Yo Gotti is a pretty interesting specimen in the rap game. He has one of the most unique deliveries up there with Ol’ Dirty Bastard and uses it over some of the bounciest southern beats you’ll ever hear. Almost every track I’ve heard from Yo Gotti since his debut album, Back 2 Da Basics, dropped in 2006 has been anthem certified. He definitely has the skill set to sell records for the huge southern fans.


His newest record Cocaine Muzik 2 is on the way and here is a mixtape that was given to us in order to entertain our Yo Gotti needs ahead of time. Overall this tape has some good tracks, but a lot of the tracks on here have been around for a minute. Take Boom Boom Clap for instance…that track has been around since 2007! I’m not sure why some of these songs got recycled to a 2009 mixtape, but it’s manageable to live with. A track that stands out from the older material is Gotti’s version of Stan—the old Eminem hit. Gotti rides the beat real nice on that track…I loved it.


Apart from the older stuff, this mixtape features seven “World Premiere” tracks or what I believe to be possible album cuts. I doubt all seven of them will make the album, but sure enough these will be key throwaway songs to hit a mixtape before we usually get the throwaway songs.


The first “World Premiere” drop we hear is Lions, which is a snippet track given to us with only 36 seconds of music. However, I’m a little upset with this track because Yo Gotti completely bit GLC’s rhyme scheme from the song Spaceship…yup the same Spaceship song on Kanye West’s first album. After I was done shaking my fist at that rip-off, we get the song Easy which is certainly a banger and I would not doubt that it makes the album. Again, we only get a snippet of Easy worth a minute and forty-five seconds of time. Next up is the track I’m Get You, a fast tempo and bouncy slow jam that even I feel I could throw on when I’m with my lady. The best part about the I’m Get You joint is that is isn’t a snippet and we get the full version (without DJ), which seems almost too good to be true for a mixtape.


The bottom half of the “World Premiere” songs start with Birthday Sex. This joint isn’t a snippet and oh boy am I thankful for it. This is one of the nicest bedroom boom-boom songs I’ve heard so far in 2009. Yo Gotti brings an aggressive delivery like he’s demanding the chick to listen to what he has to say and pay attention to him. I’m sure ya’ll would love to have that sort of command in the sheets! Next up is the song Women Lie…possibly the worst track of the seven. Gotti’s first verse was completely off topic and would have only fit the beat if the producer had taken off the sample. The track doesn’t even get in the right direction until verse two, which by then my interest is lost. The track She Fine has one of the illest beats on the mixtape. It sounds easily like a track from Lil’ Jon’s beat library, even though it isn’t. This song comes complete with powerful kicks, bouncy synths and wild whistles to keep your head bobbing and feet moving.


The final “World Premiere” track was the best! The melody was inspired by Suzanne Vega’s Tom’s Diner—how could you not like that? I nearly got chills when I heard Yo Gotti humming the melody at the beginning of the beat, which could have easily been a Pimp C throwaway beat in itself. The hook sells this song though…autotune sang to fit the times in hip-hop and with the updated drug related lyrics, this is a song I will have on repeat for a LONG TIME!


Be on the look out for Cocaine Muzik 2 and pick it up when you see it in stores. We need to support Tennessee hip-hop because those boys are grinding hard. Whether its Yo Gotti, Eightball and MJG, Three 6 Mafia, or Young Buck, you have to be proud of them guys keeping things on the up and up for their state. Here’s a link to the 5 Star Chef mixtape by Yo Gotti and be sure to enjoy:

Yo Gotti – 5 Star Chef: http://www.zshare.net/download/60386214a9045662/

Written By: Brandon “Venamis” Folsom — www.twitter.com/venamis

Score: 6.5/10

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