“If Wayne is Kobe, then I must be Lebron”

Skeptik – Lebron James

Whaddup UTG World? I’m back with some material from a new artist that I’m going to start covering on UTG Review often and a lot. Skeptik takes his craft very serious and is constantly dropping music that is worth listening to everytime. I asked him about his track, “Lebron James,” and he had this to say:

I’m from Ohio, so naturally I am a Cavaliers fan. I do think Lebron James is the best in the league because he’s not as selfish. Wayne made the Kobe track, which is perfect because Wayne is selfish and doesn’t feel the need to make good quality music anymore to share with the people, he’s in it for himself. If that is the case, I bring to the table the hunger and pure passion of Lebron James.


Be sure to check Skeptik out the next time I post some exclusive material from him and if you haven’t had enough of this lyrical giant, then here are some other places you can be sure to find doing his thing:



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