The Cab – Lady Luck EP

thecabArtist: The Cab
Album: Lady Luck EP
Genre: Pop Rock
Label: FBR/Decaydance

The Cab burst onto the scene last year with Whisper War and now their back with a brand new specialty EP surely released to promote their upcoming headlining run. I think there is no better way to promote yourself or your upcoming tour than by releasing more material, so I was eager to jump back into the near boy band style pop rock of The Cab and let me tell you, Lady Luck is on The Cab’s side.

Starting things off with a blisteringly well made remix of “Take My Hand” which features Cassadee Pope, our good friend from Hey Monday. The beat is heavy and the song sounds brand new which, in all reality, is the key to a good remix. We’ve heard the original song already and now it’s up to you [the band] to make it new once more and The Cab does that ten fold. This is followed by the equally upbeat and pleasing “I Am Who I Am” which shows the group blending a more dance driven sound with hip hop lines laid down by up and comer Eloquent. It’s a bit different from the sound we’re use to, but it doesn’t matter because it’s amazingly entertaining to listen to. Definitely something you’ll come back to later on this year.

The only B-Side to the record is the catchy, but ultimately forgettable “Diamonds Are Forever.” The writing, both musically and lyrically, just doesn’t hold up to those found on Whisper War and it becomes quite quickly why this one was left in the studio […until now…]. Though, most fans are unlikely to know the other “new” track, “Lights,” as it also was not on the record, but rather an older track [there’s Youtube videos from 2007 featuring the song]. “Lights” has a lot of heart and the band’s sound today is clearly evident in this fan favorite.

Finally, as with nearly EP, we do get a few “special” tracks to enjoy. First up, a live acoustic/piano rendition of “I’ll Run” that could put Mayday Parade’s ballads to shame. The original version of the song was an obvious standout from the first listen, but this version takes it to an entirely different place than ever before. It’s more emotional and deep even though not a single line has changed. After this however, the other bonus track falls just a pinch short for me. Whoever tells any band that covering Queen is a solid career decision should be fired on the spot. The Cab do better than most with their rendition of “I Want To Break Free,” but it holds nothing to the original classic [though, most of their fan probably haven’t heard the original].

Is this record going to change your life or even your Summer? Probably not, but it’s not suppose to. The Cab is known for creating ludicrously catchy pop rock with amazing harmonies and sugar sweet lyrics and that’s exactly what we get with the Lady Luck EP. Though not as solid as their debut, it’s a good placebo until we get a new record at some point in the future. If you’ve not heard The Cab, I beg you to listen to Whisper War first, but if you’re a longtime fan, just kick back and enjoy it for what it is: Happiness in musical form.

Score: 7/10

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