Saraph – The Business

saraphArtist: Saraph
Album: The Business
Genre: Rock
Label: Unsigned

Big Rapids, MI band Saraph proves that you should never judge a book
by it’s cover. Upon seeing a photo of the members and peeking at their album artwork, I expected smaller whinier vocals and catchy power chords played in the same repetitive pattern that I’ve come to expect with any band who dresses well. However, upon listening to their EP The Business, I can say I’m glad I was wrong.

With driving and guitars and powerful lyrics, this refreshing group brings a new spin on the old tired cliche of modern rock. Proving it’s okay to look well while writing music that caters to a much more male audience.

My obvious favorite off the EP was without a doubt “Expectations”, with an addictive guitar riff and obvious anguish, it’s easy to fall into the track and relate with Saraph. With the line “Where is my ever after, where is my calvery?” ushering into a fantastic breakdown, it’s hard not to fall in love with this track.

The second track to check out is “Hell To Pay”, starting with an infectious guitar riff and pounding vocals with slight harmony, it’s an easy listen. Another line to catch in this track, “They say it’s going to get better before it gets worse, If I were you, I’d stay away from this town”, definitely speaks volumes about the writing abilities of Saraph.

Overall, a young band with lots of room to grow. With an impressive collection of artists they’ve played shows with including Black Stone Cherry, MSI, and Theory of a Deadman this is a band to keep your eye on. Modern Rock is ready for some refreshing new acts, and this is one I hope to hear in the near future.

ScoreL 7.5/10
**Written by Laura Haggard**

James Shotwell

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  • Steve

    What the fuck. You’ve lost credibility as a review site based on this getting the score it has. I thought you guys were better than that.

  • Brandon

    ‘Expectations” is without a doubt my favorite song by them. Great band definitely worth giving a listen to.

  • Maggie

    Refreshing is an understatement, I have never had more fun listening to a band as I have when enjoying Saraph. The music and energy are both great!

  • Mac

    The Business i think is the worst thing such a good band could have done.

    This album was
    short, rushed, and terribly recorded and produced.

    I love saraph, and the songs themselves were really good. Without Strings was played REALLY slow compared to how they used to play it when i enjoyed the song, and with the money im sure they put out for the producer, they couldve gotten such a better recording.

    All in all, Love the band but i give it a 5/10..

  • Yo momma

    I’d have to say they are amazing. I can see these fine young boys getting pretty far with this. I can already see “Saraph” in lights :)

  • put up a sample. im too lazy to type in the myspace url but apparently driven enough to type you this message.

  • anthony

    to get true respect for this band you have to see them in concert. one hell of a show.
    they have got better with each cd. can’t wait for the next one!!!!!!

  • ashley

    amazing band. must see live:) startlingly accurate review!

  • ashley

    amazing band. MUST see live! startlingly accurate review:)

  • Sis

    Love them all! :)

    Love ya Cuzo!

  • Kasey

    this band rock at every show. a must see band. cant wait foe next CD

  • AAAEDookie

    This Band rocks and is truly amazing live. I would suggest seeing them should you get the chance. To get as far as they have in the time they have speaks wonders about their talents and skills.

  • RockNRoll

    Great review of the album, not my FAVORITE 4 Saraph songs, i really enjoy their new ones they’re playing live – very ROCK n ROLL – congrats guys and best of luck !

  • Josh

    Amazing Band!! If you haven’t had a chance to see them live you must! They put on a FREAKING AWESOME SHOW!!!

  • morgan

    Saraph is incredible live! I sweat as much as the band with all the dancing and jamming out I do. All those boys have some amazing talents. They are one hell of a band! Expectations and they’re cover of MJ’s Beat It… one word … AMAZING!

  • Pring

    Amazing band. Great lyrics, awesome guitars, just all around talent. They also put on a heck of a great show. Can’t wait for more music from them.

    PS What is that guy ‘steve’ talking about up there at the top?

  • Tammy

    Great band- phenomenal live! You’ve gotta love “Call Me Courageous” live.

  • Veronica

    great music, great guys, awesome all around
    props to saraph

  • josh

    saraph is the real deal, by far the best show i have ever been to. without strings is a must listen, keep up the good work and cant wait to see another show.

  • Chachi

    Thanks for the review guys! spreadin the love !! haha – best of luck to UTG !!!!


    Saraph is one of the best bands i have listened to in a while!!! They have great songs and they play them in the best way they can be played!!! Their show is amazing and is filled with great energy!!! Anyone in their right mind will go to their concert when they are on tour to see how this band makes history!!!

  • The cd is great, yet still does this band no justice. You can obviously feel the energy this band puts into and gets out of their music. Come to one of their shows and you’ll see what I mean. They are a group of talented, kind, exciting, humble show-stealers. Musicians beware: if you plan on playing a show with Saraph, you’d better “bring it”.

    – victim of a shared stage

  • Lindsay

    saraph is awesome! No only do they have great music, but they have tons of personalilty too, and it comes through in their music and when they are performing. And they have some of the best covers I have ever heard.

  • SARAPH RULES, fuck all you haters

  • Wade

    I’ve been listening to Saraph before they ever had a cd published… and before they were even SARAPH! These Guys have come from the garage band playin at parties to being on stage and tours.. “How many new bands get this far this quick” I think they’re a freakin STELLAR BAND and I will support them all the way and I think who ever doesn’t like these guys should get their heads checked.


  • Carl Byington

    Saraph is literally the band you will be hearing all about within the next 5 or so years. I have seen them live about 15 or so times and never feel disappointed leaving a show. All of the band members are down to earth genuine guys and a riot to be around. There new album “The Business” is a masterpiece and is only a taste of the untold potential and power this band can unleash upon the music industry.

  • Saraph kicks ass. This is one of those bands that you can listen to the entire cd and not want to change the song. All of their cd’s I enjoy and I give them a 10/10. I think this up and coming band called SARAPH is going to have a huge influence the music industry.

  • Asian

    Great review, I love this band and all the members are hottiessss! :)

  • PDC765

    Saraph is an amazing band. They play great live shows and their lyrics are great and powerfull, especially with my boy Dex on the mic. Keep up the good work boys and I’ll see ya next time ur in GR

  • vanessa

    Unlike most hometown bands, Saraph has went above and beyond expectations. Congrats guys, love your music and hope you have fun on the tour!

  • Elis

    I love the album! Saraph is an amazing band and they rock live! 10/10!!!

  • crystal

    they put on a good show.

  • mike

    Saraph is an amazing band froma small town with their own sound… and boo hoo their EP only had a four songs…its an EP simply a taste of what they have to bring… if you wanna hear some great music by a band that puts on one hell of a show… check these boys out live… they do no dissappoint!!! On that note Saraph rocks and will continue to do so!!

  • Jordan

    Saraph’s the shit – i should know, i am at nearly EVERY show shooting footage and they continue to get better and better every night.

    and i <3 Cougars

  • eric

    Thank you all very much for the luuve!!

    In response to Mac, i appreciate your honesty but the tempo of without strings is set slow to reflect the meaning of the song.

    Its supposed to reflect a scene of a first time sexual experience. The pulsating rythm is meant to mimic a thrusting feel and the story starts not with the lyrics, but with the first beat when the encounter begins. the guitars slide as bodies would and the drums are the driving rythm of hips. When the lyrics start, the instruments and “physical noise” quiet in order to reflect the thoughts inside the subject’s head of “so far so good, feels like this should.” When the climaxing chorus hits, the multiple voices can show either the meaning things one wants to say at the height of their passion or the sounds of more than one person acting in unison.
    If you listen to the rest of the song with that in mind, you’ll see that changing the tempo of the song faster would ruin the experience Saraph was trying to convey.

    Thanks once again everyone and thatnks to UTG for a fair review!!


  • Mac


    Though this does make sense to me, its just hard to enjoy as much as i did when i first heard it in the video for the guitar center competition. I was so excited to hear it when you guys put it on the myspace and just didnt feel it as much as i had before.

    With that said, i still love you guys and i hope you didnt take that as anything more than constructive criticism (sp?). That wasnt meant to be an angry message.


  • eric

    Not at all, i’m glad there are people who listen to music critically and put thought into the overall feel. Hope you’ll stick around for our stuff in the future. We are talking about a more “live” feel to the next recordings.
    You ever want to get at me about anything like that in the future, go ahead and shoot me an e-mail man.
    Thanks again for being a fan of music… ANY music.

  • Danni

    Saraph is without a doubt one of my favourite Michigan bands. This EP is defnitely awesome!

  • is good stuff sure-nuf