UTG TV: The Dear Hunter!

If there’s a more thought provoking, epic, and level headed band in the scene right now other than The Dear Hunter, I haven’t heard them. Catching them on the last night of a long run with MeWithoutYou, I was able to talk to vocalist Casey Crescenzo in his hometown of Boston, MA. The band’s new record, Act 3: Life and Death, is in stores now.


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James Shotwell

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  • Brandon


  • james you look so cute

  • Ben

    Haha, great interview. I’m one of those kids who’ve listened to TDH before TREOS.

  • mamaSue

    This interview clearly shows what I admire most about Casey and the rest of the guys in The Dear Hunter: their humility.
    It is refreshing to see such brilliant, focused musicians with such a passion for their concept- and to see them live is an exhausting experience- their energy flows into everything they do. As Casey mentioned, the instrumentation, especially that on Act III, is not physically present on the stage when they perform, BUT, the “full” sound and passion of the band definitely is! I would DEF recommend to everyone to get all 3 CD’s and feel the story as they have composed it- also, if the band is touring around you- you MUST go and experience their brilliance!

  • i like how casey always looks like he just doesnt care how he looks. like he knows hes a bad ass. haha.

  • hoursintodays72

    i was there in ny and boston! it was awesome. i don’t think the new songs are lacking live. i’m so excited to see what’s to come!!!!

  • Who or what is Treos? A tour with Coheed would be awesome! Great interview!!!! Act three is amazing! I still haven’t been able to change cds. Keep up the great work!

  • James

    The Receiving End of Sirens = treos

  • I was curious how they would put together a live show before I saw them in Pittsburgh. The set list flows together really well. I haven’t sang that loud in public in years.

    The Dear Hunter actually got me interested in listening to TREOS for the first time.

  • jrkrush2112

    awesome interview! can’t wait to see what is in store for the fall.


  • Johnotronz

    Great interview. I’m really excited for the stuff that’s going to happen in the fall now.

  • gouldy042

    I was at the show later that night and it was amazing. I wouldn’t exactly consider their live sound lacking. The Dear Hunter live is it’s own experience, while The Dear Hunter through your stereo is also it’s own experience. The two are both different and incredible.

  • The Jackal kaizer

    Awesome interview. Casey’s a funny man. Utterly psyched for Autumn. Please make it over to the UK!

  • Keagan

    Awesome interview, can’t wait for the fall.

  • Rogers

    the day they play a TREOS song i might die from excitement. can’t wait for headlining tour.

  • I wish I could see them live. But it would be better if they headline, More songs! Could you imagine if they play them all out at once? I’d freak!

  • Kraig

    heck yeah TDH pwns. headline soon?

  • Charleigh Brown

    Casey is the man! GO THE DEAR HUNTER!

  • Morgan R,

    Like I’ve said before well rounded bands are very rare these days and TDH is the epitome of musical creativity. I love them and I’m very proud to be a fan.

  • Lizzie Young

    This is a funny and informative interview. I loved TDH’s new CD, Brilliant!

  • vincentpoprocky

    Vertigo Unconsciousness, absolutely hilarious.

    Act IV early next year? A boy can dream…

  • Lanilas

    Too bad I didn’t get to see them on this tour in 09, but I’m making up for it this month with Coheed. Such good shit.