There’s a point and time when a band evolves and you know they’re onto something great. Winds of Plague are showing much promise in the metal scene and are gradually taking it over as time passes. Our friend Johnny Plague from W.O.P was nice enough to sit down with [UTG] to discuss the Summer Slaughter Tour as well as their new record entitled The Great Stone War.


UTG: The new album, The Great Stone War, hits shelves on August 11, how excited are you to release it to the world?

Johnny: Very excited, its been exactly a year and a half in the making. We want to get it out there and play some new stuff for you guys.

UTG: How do you think it’s different then anything you’ve done before?

Johnny: I think we’ve come a long way and I think it really shows in the maturity and structure of the album.

UTG: I know that this record is a concept record based off of the idea of a hypothetical Armageddon. Lend me your viewpoint of how the record title and the concept came to be.

Johnny: It is the final war of the worlds is going to be fought with stones and tools rather than technology.

UTG: I read on your MySpace that there is a chance that you guys will headline a tour later this year. Can you possibly give any news regarding these rumors?

Johnny: It’s going be BIG, November through December, headliner, and we’ve got an awesome line-up pieced together. It’s in the making so I can’t really tell you much about it now but keep checking the website for details.

UTG: Since adding Kristen Randall on Keys how has this effected W.O.P.’s overall sound?

Johnny: Kristen is a very talented player and adds a whole lot of personality and cool elements to our live performance and tends to jump on the mic every once in a while. Truly a great musician.

UTG: Seeing as how we haven’t had a chance to listen to the new record yet can you give us a couple songs to look forward to and how they reflect your “new” sound.

Johnny: I really like “Approach the Podium”. I think that song represents the cd and the band well. Also, the title track “The Great Stone War” will be awesome to play live because of it’s incredible energy.

UTG: How was the tour treated the band so far? Have you guys made any new friends on the tour?

Johnny: Very long dude, we are all tired. Playing with bands like Dying Fetus and Necrophagist is an amazing experience and totally makes up for the whole tired factor. We feel like we are gaining a new fan-base by playing with great bands like these.

UTG: When there is free time, whether it is in the van or waiting backstage, what does the band do to fill the time void?

Johnny: Mario Kart. That’s about it. haha

UTG: If you could sum up this tour so far in one word what would it be?

Johnny: LONG

UTG: We don’t like to end interviews on final questions, but rather a closing comment. This is your free time to say anything that’s on your mind, anything! You cannot discuss W.O.P or the new album at all though.

Johnny: Nick Boffa is the most extreme guy I have ever met. End of story.

Visit Them on Their Myspace at: www.myspace.com/windsofplague

Interview by Grant Trimboli

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