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Instead of the regularly scheduled “TOP 5” segment this week we thought we’d switch it up a little and surprise you with the lighter side of the music world. Our good friends from Idols Are Dead have decided, instead of a TOP 5, to present their favorite recipe for you all to share in 5 easy steps. Since Italian food is the way to everyone’s heart it seems only necessary to share their awesome dish with the massses.


Welcome one and all, to the Under The Gun exclusive Cooking with Ico, the guitarist of Italian metal masters IDOLS ARE DEAD. Ico, being a master of the shred, is also a master of cooking authentic Italian recipes, and wants to share to all. Move over Emeril, because BAM!, Ico is here to takeover.

While you are cooking this amazingly delicious dish of Spaghetti Alla Carbonara, make sure you check out the band’s style of traditional thrash, mixed with a modern tinge of catchy choruses and memorable melodies: 

“Spaghetti Alla Carbonara” 


-Spaghetti: 400gr (14,10Oz) (Maybe you can find Barilla ones, sized 5)
-Smoked Bacon (cubed): 100gr or more, (depends if you like it highly seasoned)
-4 Eggs (some use only the yolk. I usually put the whole egg in)
-Parmigiano Reggiano or Grana Padano 

Cooking Instructions:

1. Fill a pot with water, put it on the cook and when boiling, put a pinch of salt into the water. (Cover to let it boil faster. You can put the salt in even when the water is cold, but it will take more to boil).

(Use a big pot and a lot of water, it could only be better.)

2. Put Spaghetti into the water (Maybe you can break them in two parts so it can be also more comfortable to eat them. I know it’s difficult for non Italian people to wind the spaghetti on the fork; use a spoon eventually combined with the fork)

3. Cook them in the hot water 
(Boiling should stop when you’ll put the pasta inside, but keep the fire lighted for about 8-10 minutes, and mix them a couple of times.) 

(you’ll find the right cooking time on the box, be sure to put the spaghetti in the water ONLY after the water is boiling)

-Meanwhile, put the bacon cubes with some oil and pepper in a little pot, heat up, and be sure that the bacon wont burn or dry excessively. (3-4 minutes should be enough)

-Whisk the eggs with the Parmigiano in a cup or something like that. (If liked, add a pinch of pepper) 

-You should adjust the thickness of the eggs by cooking them a little together with the bacon, it could be NOT necessary, it depends only on how do you prefer them. I do prefer them more solid, like scrambled eggs, (notice that the eggs will thicken when you’ll blend with the hot spaghetti)

4. After 8-10 mins cooking put the spaghetti in the colander. (Don’t let them dry too much, try to blend them as I’m going to tell you as soon as you can) then blend all the ingredients together in a pot (I usually use the one where I’ve cooked the spaghetti).

Now serve it, with a pinch of pepper on the top. 
(I do usually put also some grated parmigiano on the dish)

5. And wall-ah, you have an authentic and amazingly delicious dish of Spaghetti Alla Carbonara! 

Questions for the cook? Questions for the guitarist? Reach out, and any authentic Italian recipes you’d like to see, post a comment!


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