Amanda Blank – I Love You

amandablankiloveyouArtist: Amanda Blank
Album: I Love You
Genre: Hip Hop/Electronica/Pop
Label: Downtown Records

The hip hop world has never been an easy one for females to navigate. This isn’t some slight about female drivers, but rather a commentary on oppression in the music scene. If you’re not selling your body, you’re not selling records. However, in recent months, Millionaires and now Amanda Blank, whose new album I Love You has been burning up our stereo, have taken control of their careers and sexuality. Blending together elements of the steets with top 40 songwriting and enough good looks and smooth lines to pull any listener along, Blank has woven a guiltless, yet dirty romp into her world with the party ready I Love You and it seems like it just might mark the beginning of an intriguing career.

LEt me start by saying this isn’t a record with too much depth and that is exactly why it works so well. Having burst into the music conscience earlier this year with the anthemic, “Might Like You Better [if we slept together],” Blank presented herself from the get go as a fun loving girl whose not afraid to cross moral lines and if the record had tried to say differently, people would’ve noticed right away. Luckily, the album is just as fun as we were lead to believe it was as, “Make It Take It” and “Something Bigger, Something Better” both beg for radio airplay and party rotation. Blank’s smooth vocal delivery makes each line seem like the easiest words Blank has ever spoken. It’s natural and refreshing because it proves you can have fun without turning your back on who you are. There’s this excitement and confidence in each line Blank delivers that translates into the overall atmosphere created by the music.

It’s not all fast paced fun however, as Blank does make a few attempts at slowing things down. First off, “Love Song,” finds blank exercising her voice over a much more old school beat and delivery style. There are echoes of Slick Rick’s style in each line spit by Blank and it’s a refreshing twist to the general dance/suave posture she uses. The track is overall a bit of a letdown, but the ideas show promise for future release. Likewise, “Leaving You Behind” closes the record on the much softer note. It’s a pleasant ending with some true vocal skills shown by Blank, but for such a fun album, it’s not really how you want to go out.

On her debut for Downtown Records, Amanda Blank has created a true party record that packs a lot of heart. Never one to take herself to seriously, Blank makes it known that though she works in a male dominated field, she has complete control of herself and her art. I love You is the kind of album you keep on your ipod years after its release because certain tracks still sound better than anything being released in the mainstream. I’m not saying this record is going to change your life or impact you on any emotional level, but will cause you to have a good time and let loose and really, what more could you ask for?

Score: 8/10

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