Forever The Sickest Nerf Commercial

Want to see a band, beyond the shadow of a doubt, sell out? Check out this new Nerf commercial featuring Forever The Sickest Kids:

James Shotwell

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  • Laura

    this is terrible. the lyrics make no sense to the commercial and it feels way out of place overall. FAIL.

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  • Abby

    I love it.
    It has an upbeat sound, and the words don’t make sense PERFECTLY, maybe. But certain lines do.
    I love it.
    For sure.

  • mandee

    It’s not called selling out, it’s called trying to make it. That’s what most bands aspire to do and the fact that FTSK got to be in a commercial for a big brand like Nerf is a big deal. You would do it too.

  • meat

    The Nerf commercial sounds better with “What do you want from me?”