REVIEW: Sky Tells All – Go Ahead, You Try It

skytellsallArtist: Sky Tells All
Album: Go Ahead, You Try It
Genre: Pop Rock
Label: Unsigned

Hailing from Pensacola, FL come pop punk heroes SKY EATS ALL. Mixing their influences of pop punk and acoustic into a well put together album Go Ahead, You Try It! Granted I personally have been into the pop punk scene for a few years, this album is nothing you haven’t heard from any other pop punk band. On the bright side let’s take a look at the better aspects of the album.

The guitars are very catchy, edgy, and daring. It’s not all power cords and one string fills. A lot of pauses and effects that are used that help keep the album interesting in certain spots. The drums are pretty standard; just keep the beat going with not much variation. The vocals are the glimmer of hope that the album has. Very strong lyrics help speak to the listener as they can relate to the song; one of the few aspects that help set the SKY TELLS ALL apart. So as far as I can tell from Go Ahead, You Try It! it’s a very repetitive album that everybody has heard before.

The absolute best thing about this album is the cover song of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”. It’s beautifully done, down to the last detail. All the patterns are perfect with an edgy, unique twist on the song. Even Taylor Swift would be proud that another band helped make “Love Story” famous, now only if Kayne West could do the same thing… Overall Go Ahead, You Try It!Is a decent album, not spectacular or mind blowing, just decent. Maybe with future releases they will try to set themselves apart with some better musicianship or an album of all covers.

SCORE: 6.5/10
Written By: Matt Haines

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  • thatgirl

    expect big things from this band – they were recently in my home town and they’ve made a lot of member “upgrades” (at least i think so). new members are tony, lance, and matt – each member has added a little something to the songs and their entire set sounded way better than anything on the cd. hopefully they’ll explore some other creative outlets when recording their next album & try to steer away from the “pop-punk” scene.